SACRAMENTO (CBS13/AP) — Gov. Jerry Brown is warning of additional trigger cuts if voters reject his tax initiative next fall.

Brown’s spokesman, Gil Duran, posted a message on Twitter Thursday indicating the governor will offer California voters a stark choice between higher taxes on themselves and deeper cuts to schools, universities and public safety.

Duran posted a quote from the governor that said, “If taxes don’t pass, there will be a hole that will trigger further cuts.”

Brown and state lawmakers face a $13 billion projected shortfall over the next 18 months. Analysts have already predicted the state will have to make required midyear reductions to schools, universities and social services.

Brown wants to increase taxes on high-income earners and raise the state sales tax by half a cent, to 7.75 percent.

The state controller on Thursday issued a report stating monthly revenues in November came in $497.7 million above projections in the state budget but that year-to-date general fund revenues are still behind the budget’s estimates by $1 billion.

Comments (12)
  1. I Love America says:

    Just stop paying for illegal people health, welfare, school, etc. Should help balance the budget easily. They are illegal. Don’t cut schools budgets. Just cut congress and your salaries first.

    1. NOisAwesome!!! says:

      Perfect… Everyone Vote No and he can cut programs. His threats are stupid. Nice Cut Cut Cut.

  2. Jerry Wake Up, you could do more, stop ignoring it. says:

    Cut the welfare give away, cap the welfare and mandatory drug testing. Cut the services to illegals. Put a stop to the High Speed Rail waste of money.

  3. justwondering says:

    Sooooo he wants 300 million dollars(for starters) for a High Speed Rail Train, but threatens the safety of the citizens and threatens the childrens education, threatens the poor who elected him if they don’t let him raise taxes, what does that say about Mr Brown if this is true, that sounds like trying to get money from Calif. citizens by force or threats, not nice um is that even legal to do that.

  4. The_Truth says:

    Wait a minute this is the same Jerry Brown who just spent a lot of money to aide and abet known criminals by allowing illegals to get state funded aide to go to school, wonder where that money is coming from? lets face it Jerry Brown likes to make empty threats since if the budget is as bad as he says it is, he wouldn’t be spending money on things that support criminal behavior, only an idiot would do that, oh wait we are talking about Jerry Brown here.

  5. rob says:

    yes lets protect the rich so the state can go down the toilet. more californians losing jobs thats the answer!

    1. Fred says:

      And raising more taxes to waste on stupid stuff is going to help how? You gotta be part of the 47% that don’t pay any taxes, ya bum!

  6. nothingchanges says:



    Governor Whitman would have laid off 100,000 state workers and contracted the rest of state work to the private sector, cut pensions for current public sector retirees to zero, cut funding for illegals, privatize the DMV, eliminated welfare and unemployment, and made the legislature meet only for 20 days every two years (unless there was an emergency). Yeah, too bad she lost.

    1. Fred says:

      Dude, you should put the pipe down. MW wouldn’t have had the ability to be that draconian, but she would have been more business oriented (translate to : hire more people by the private sector) than JB, who is a dyed in the wool socialist owned by the unions.

  8. whereare HSR job applicationskept says:

    We have NO High Speed Rail but thanks to Governor Brown we have a High Speed Rail Authority and the two directors(that i know of)make $ 375,000 not counting perks and overtime, I have tried to find out how much is paid for all employees of HSR but my computer jams…think about it pushing the same information around paper wise for decades with salaries almost topping $ 5000,0000 each and we have NO High Speed Rail.this is more than outrageous.

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