Today, Don begins by talking about the new black Sacramento Kings jersey that was introduced yesterday and will serve as an alternate uniform for the upcoming season. Don likes the look so much that he tells Dave, who has connections in the Kings organization, to hook him up with one. He then tells us about his trip to Costco yesterday with Janet, in which a lady in front of them in line held things up for 15 minutes while she socialized on her cell phone, and even made a trip across the store to grab one more item, while leaving everybody waiting. Janet, as well as a few other customers, took pictures of the completely oblivious woman to post online. Don also plays a few new clips he found, including a horrible Doritos commercial that former intern Lady G made in which she acts like a dog. We then hear a clip of a Minnesota news anchorwoman who sounds intoxicated.

Today is also the 31st anniversary of John Lennon’s assassination. Don, like Phantom, found out about it while watching Monday Night Football, as did most of the country. Don plays the clip of Howard Cosell making the announcement during the Miami/Buffalo game, and then the guys talk about how tragic of a loss it was. Don also informs us that when he found out about Lennon, he was at the home of his friend Igor, who was also Don’s dealer. This brings up a question from Dave: What are Quaaludes, and are they around anymore? The guys then get on a discussion of whatever happened to Quaaludes, and where can they find some?

Comedian Bobby Slayton then stops by to promote his appearance at the Punchline in San Francisco this weekend. The “Pit Bull of Comedy” talks about how he became friends with Carrot Top and Dane Cook, being on Penn and Teller’s “BS” show, and talks about his favorite comedians of all time. After the interview, we get a visit from Chelsea Charms, a porn star who will be at Gold Club Centerfolds in Sacramento all week. Chelsea, who has a bra size of 164 XXX, talks with the guys about how she got into porn, the numerous surgeries she’s had to get the largest breasts in the world, and even hits the guys in their heads with them. Don then sends her over to the Pat and Tom Show across the hall to surprise them. After the break, Don calls Pat and Tom to get their reaction. Slow Joe gave Don an 8 bit “Super Mario” version of Guns n’ Roses’ “Sweet Child O’ Mine, and has Craig come in the studio to sing like Axl Rose, before farting in his face. In fact, Don farts 4 times in Craig’s face, which means he owes Craig $40. This, on top of Dave’s fart the day before, brings the grand total to $48 (Craig owed Dave $2).

We then get a visit from CBS broadcaster and NFL Hall Of Famer Dan Dierdorf, who is covering the New England/Washington game on Sunday. Dan tells us what he thinks happened to the Raiders last week against Miami, what the feeling is in St. Louis about the Rams possibly leaving, and what can the Redskins do to turn their team around? After reading American Airlines’ statement on the Alec Baldwin incident yesterday, and hearing the new 3 Stooges trailer, it’s time for the “Phantom News Hour.” Among the stories today: Jerry Robinson, one of the most well known Batman artists, died at 89, Coldplay announcing a North American tour, the passing of John Lennon 31 years ago today, and the guys on Mythbusters shooting a cannon ball through a residential home. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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