OAKLAND (AP) — A 1-year-old Oakland boy shot in the head during the filming of a rap music video has been taken off life support.

The family of Hiram Lawrence held out hope that he would show some brain activity, but doctors at Children’s Hospital Oakland concluded after multiple tests that he was brain dead.

The Rev. Roosevelt Taylor says Hiram was pronounced dead at 3:05 p.m. Friday.

The family’s attorney, Ivan Golde, says they decided not to oppose the doctors after bringing in a private pediatrician who agreed with the findings.

Hiram was being held by his father when several people opened fire outside a west Oakland liquor store Nov. 28. Six others, including Hiram’s father, were wounded.

Dozens of relatives and family friends went to the hospital Friday to say their goodbyes and support Hiram’s parents.

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Comments (4)
  1. blah says:

    Sorry to hear that this little baby is gone, I believe this year is baddest year ever..just hope that he is in good place now.

  2. Cmorno says:

    Condolences to this family. Such a tragedy.

  3. MLK would be proud says:

    Well..There goes the the cash aid..CHIT!!

  4. andy says:

    scratch one future inmate at Folsom prison. taxpayers are going to save millions!

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