Today on the show Dave was joined by Jeremiah Jackson from the the “Think Big” movement based in Sacramento. They discussed the parking situation with the proposed new Sports and Entertainment Complex, as well as an update on the push for the Complex.

Chris Mannix from joined Dave to discuss the recent news that David Stern has blocked the proposed trade of Hornets Guard Chris Paul to the Lakers due to the owners requesting the block. He touched on why it was blocked, and let everyone know how he felt about it.. He discussed the system issues that are present in the new CBA, as well as the Sacramento Kings free agent offers that are out there.

Recently crowned “MMA Reporter of the Year” Ariel Helwani joined Dave to talk about the recent activity on twitter by MMA fighter Miguel Torres, and his release from the UFC as a result of those tweets, as well as the recent comments made by Rashad Evans. They discussed this weekends main event between Jon Jones and Lyoto Machida, also the announcement of the the Flyweight division (125) being officially launched in the UFC


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