Today, Don starts with an iPhone app that Little Joe found yesterday called “Magic Santa,” in which your child can get a personalized video greeting from Santa Claus. Joe decided to make one for Dave yesterday, and the results are hilarious! Don also plays a clip from last night’s X Factor, in which contestant Rachel Crow throws a tantrum after getting eliminated. Those wacky guys from promotions are at it again, and this time, Nate has contacted the people at the TLC program Virgin Diaries, in hopes of getting Billy on the show. Don reads the emails that Nate has been exchanging with them.

Don then reads a story on about the Packers selling shares of their team the other day. Don, who earlier in the week said he thought it was pointless to buy shares of his favorite team, tells us that according to this story, the “shareholders” get absolutely nothing, so he was right on with his assertion. David Stern blocked the trade that would’ve sent Chris Paul to the Lakers, and this inspires Don to play the “David Stern Movie Game” with Dave and Phantom, in which he reads a quote from a famous movie in his David Stern voice, and the guys try to guess what movie it’s from.

We then get a visit from Lt. John Morrow of The Salvation Army. John talks about the “Adopt a Family” program that Don and Janet take part in every year, as well as how important it is for people to give back, especially in this time of economic turmoil. John emphasizes that poverty and financial struggles can happen to anybody, and many people are just another recession away from needing the help of The Salvation Army, so it is always good to donate whenever you can.

James Brown from The NFL Today stops by again, and today he talks about his interview with Peyton Manning last week, whether or not the Texans are for real, and who, if anyone, can beat the Packers this year. We then get a visit from ex NFL lineman Conrad Dobler. Conrad, once labelled the “dirtiest player in the NFL,” talks about the toughest defensive lineman he ever played against, the times he got ejected from games, and did he himself think he was a dirty player.

After the hilarious interview with Conrad, Don tells a few Sonny Jurgensen drunk stories, and then a story about a female listener from back in the day who got “I love Sam Huff” tattooed on her in the most intimate of areas.

After hearing the “Magic Santa” tape again, and a story about a kid from Rice University who busted a window during a “Baker 13” run, it’s time for the “Phantom News Hour.” Today, Phantom talks about the Virginia Tech shooting yesterday, the set of Law & Order SVU getting crashed by Occupy protesters, and’s sexiest movie stars of 2011. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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