SAN LEANDRO (AP) — Police say the suspected getaway driver in the Black Friday shooting of a man outside a San Leandro Walmart has been arrested after his mother turned him in.

Eighteen-year-old Queron Foreman of Oakland was taken into custody on Friday. Police say he was driving the Buick that pulled up to 21-year-old Christopher Murillo and his cousins in the store’s parking lot on Nov. 25.

Two of the car’s occupants, 29-year-old Detwone Watson and 20-year-old Tony Phillips, allegedly demanded money from Murillo and his cousins, prompting a fight.

Police say Watson shot Murillo in the neck. Watson and Phillips are also in custody and have been charged with attempted murder, robbery and attempted robbery.

A fourth suspect — a 16-year-old Oakland boy — was detained but released.

Murillo was treated at a hospital and released.

(Copyright 2011 The Associated Press)

  1. gna says:

    These young bucks are starting their lives out in fine Oakland fashion. The youth there think it’s fashionable to be criminals. It doesn’t matter what their parents teach them, they are a generation raised with Gangster Rap music……… that turns
    young Negroes into antisocial misfits and burdens to society. . .. . . . . . .unfortunate but, there will always be room for such brainwashed hoodlums in the prisons of this country…

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