SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — The union that represents nurses who work at Sutter hospitals in the San Francisco Bay area says thousands of nurses will be walking off the job for one day later this month.

The California Nurses Association says about 4,000 registered nurses who work at eight Sutter hospitals will hold the one-day strike Dec. 22.

Also walking off the job will be 2,000 nurses who work at Long Beach Memorial Hospital in Southern California.

A spokesman for the union says nurses will be striking over a number of issues, including health care coverage, sick leave and patient care concerns.

Sutter says the hospitals are contacting agencies to hire replacement nurses during the strike.

The planned walkout comes after thousands of nurses at 33 hospitals run by Kaiser Permanente and Sutter Health, and the independent Children’s Hospital Oakland, went on a one-day strike in September.

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Comments (8)
  1. jon says:

    work well last time in Oakland . NOT

  2. Fire them all says:

    Greedy nurses

  3. gna says:

    B4 you call them greedy . . . . . . . . walk in their shoes . .

    1. GNAisDOAinTheBrain says:

      Then quit you creedy SOB’s. Unions are the down fall of this country. Bunch of thugs trying to strong arm for more then they deserve. GNA is DOA in the Brain

    2. Jo says:

      I DO walk in their shoes and ILL CALL THEM GREEDY!!!

  4. nothingchanges says:

    A strike in this economy ? Are you serious ? They are lucky to be employed !!

  5. Jo says:

    You have got to be kidding!!! Give you what you work so hard for. You California nurses have NOTHING to complain about. You make more than you are worth and do less than any nurses in any other part of this country. Suck it up and go to work

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