SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Occupy Wall Street protesters have managed to at least partially shut down some of the West Coast’s busiest ports in the hopes they will cut into the corporations that run the docks. However, more than one hundred truckers in Sacramento say they are the ones being hurt.

The entire fleet at Devine Intermodal in West Sacramento is parked, leaving 120 drivers out of work, at least for the day.

Normally the drivers would be making two daily roundtrips to the Port of Oakland to pick up or deliver cargo.

The truckers are furious. If they don’t drive, they don’t get paid.

“Yeah, we’re all gonna lose about $600 today. That’s big money for this economy,” said trucker Dwayne Forcell.

A dispatcher with the Devine Intermodal visited the port this morning before making the call not to send the trucks. The one day of lost wages could make a big difference with profit margins in the industry so small.

Truckers say if Occupiers are trying to go after the so-called one-percent, they’re going about it the wrong way.

“If you gonna occupy something, go occupy the federal government. Go occupy the people that got the money,” trucker Anthony Green Sr. “I don’t have no money. I’m trying to make that money.”

If the port shutdown continues, truckers predict prices for electronics and food could increase at stores with merchandise delivery delayed.

Tomorrow, the trucking company plans to send a few scouts to the Port of Oakland before deciding whether to send their drivers.

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  1. Concerned Citizen says:

    Worship the wage, become the slave.

    When is the so-called ‘working class’ going to finally realize their inactions are the reasons the .01 percent have the control they have?

    Mass strike is the only solution, which is why the political class is keen on keeping the working class divided. Only united can the actual workers win demands.

    I’m with the protestors, and wonder why the drivers aren’t out there with them.

    You get what you deserve and fight for.

    1. nothingchanges says:

      The drivers are employed and have families to feed unlike the protesters who probably couldn’t pass a drug test to be employed and who also most likely feed their families with tax payers money. GET A JOB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. John says:

      The people who believe like you are the 1%!! Go protest in front of the WHITE HOUSE!! Or in front of THE STATE CAPITOL..The people who preach this class warfair B.S. ALL HAVE A “D” after thier name. So until your one of the 53% WHO PAYS TAXES!! And have a REAL JOB!!..No the working for the state or feds dose not count!! If you want that..go back to you FAILED EUROPE, This state is in this mess because of people like you. Quit being part of the problem and electing them!!

      1. Jason says:

        @ John:

        I hope you realize that whatever brilliant idea you thought you were expressing in your post was utterly lost on us. If you’d like to be taken seriously and have your thoughts given any credence, please learn how to write and punctuate in English. Thank you, that is all.

    3. James Lawrence says:

      You are a freakin moron. What the @#$% does worship the wage mean. Where did you get that some movie. Join the real world. Realize the support you give to these dopes are putting people, common blue collar workers out of work at the ports. These poor truckers are trying to make a living at a key time of the year. Less money at this time is less for their family. Why do you fools think there is no reaction from the 1 percent. THEY DON’T CARE!! They just step past your pathetic picket lines to go up to their high rise. Also think about the crime being done around the city because the cops are overloaded with wipjng your butt while violent criminals and drug dealers are getting away with murder since cops are too busy to deal with them. Wake up genius, your actions are infecting this great country rather than effecting it…

    4. Terry Horsley says:

      Wow comrade, you are a damaged soul.

    5. Baffled by Igornance of Others says:

      If you think the drivers should be with the protesters then how about you give up your salary to the drivers? I am sure that would not be a problem for you: financially or morally.

    6. Sandra D says:

      It sounds like you want all people to share the wealth. There is a name for that and it’s call communism which doesn’t work.
      Why in the world should the drivers joint the idiot protesters? They have families to support and bills to pay,. You know….real life.

      Lastly I take exception with your label “so-called ‘working class”. What in the world do you have against them? You don’t sound like a “concerned citizen” but rather a selfish, thoughtless, and totally in the dark twit.

  2. John Q Citizen says:

    So “Concerned Citizen”, you get what you deserve and fight for? Let me ask you this, does the homeless guy who hasn’t worked a day in his life….you know …the majority of the ones who are staging these stupid protests…actually DESERVE something from me, or any other hard working American, or productive corporation for nothing in return? Just throw money at him because he is what…a human being?? LOL!! you liberal progressives make me laugh! Take from people who actually go out everyday to make ends meet and give to the people who sit around all day waiting for a hand out…that you idiots are so willing to give. In one aspect of your ignorant statement you are right, they have EXACTLY what they deserve! Who am I to disrupt the way they choose to live? Who are you to do the same, or tell me or any company what is owed?

  3. George P. says:

    The drivers aren’t there because they are hard working people who are trying to support themselves and their families. That comes first. The Occupy protestors obviously have other means of support or just don’t care.

  4. nothingchanges says:

    This whole Marxist class warfare thing is getting old.

  5. The_Truth says:

    What I find hilarious is while the 1% may not pay the same % in taxs that 22% of the country does, (yes only 22% since 77% of the country is on unemployment, or welfare or just plain broke and don’t make enough to pay taxs), they still pay more in taxs cash wise, what this is all about is not the 99% but the 77% that are losing their free money and free programs and such, lets face it, start putting these people to work (and i’m one of them, I need a job people), kick out illegals and allow americans to go to work, and don’t say that illegals do only jobs others won’t do since thats just plain BS, got news for you illegals are working in fast food, factory and other positions americans would love to be in, but can’t because illegals are doing those jobs. as to working the fields, surprise most of the foreign born workers there are in the country legally under a work visa and such.

    As it goes unlike the occupy protestors who are harming themselves more then they are helping, I would love a job and hate to say it, but its the 1% who are going to supply jobs, not Obama and his jobs act (what a joke) or the occupy movement, but the 1% who will and these idiot occupiers are harming this country more then anything.

    Want to stop government waste then go occupy the white house or even the Sacramento Capitol where Brown is threatening to cut programs, after he already decided to spend a bunch of money to give illegals free college.

    1. Pig Wilson says:

      stupid bum.

  6. Get Ready - Here it Comes..... says:

    Now, i’m starting to get angry… When their games start affecting me, then it’s time go get involved… If they rasie grocery & gas prices any more than they already are, I am going to go balistic of some of these occupy residents…

    At first, I was with them…. Go after the Big Boys…. And, now that it has penetrated my personal bubble space, I am forced to protect myself and my family from any wrong doing… And, from where I am sitting, it is just about time for me to jump up and start getting involved… And if I do that, it will not be in a positive way… Bad things will start to happen…. When someone attacks my family and my way of life, then I lock & load…..

    1. Concerned Citizen says:

      Your costs are up because the Koch brothers and their commodities trading division is getting a larger share of the costs as the parasites control more politicians who allow the blood-suckers to win that control.

      But I’m sure you knew that, eh, genius, because you want to go after the disaffected society that has to bear the brunt of the parasitic bankster-trader class.

      You sure are a product of a sad, ignorant past.

  7. Concerned Citizen says:

    Divide and Conquer

    Divide and Conquer

    Only the moron is trapped. Maybe some should look in the mirror.

  8. frerichs21 says:

    Just like on the interstate 70mph & watch these worthless punks get out of the way of progress.

  9. Terry Horsley says:

    The OWS hurts the working class taxpayer.

  10. What a Duphus says:

    Hey Concerned Citizen,

    Divide and Conquer this, Moron.

    I’ll hold the Mirror.

  11. David Wrobleski says:

    To the people that keep saying “protest in DC,” WE ARE PROTESTING THERE. DC is just a wholly owned subsidiary of Wall Street. To the people that say “get a job?” That’s just the same old chant that you’ve been taught to parrot. To the people that say “If you don’t like it here, move to China.: YOU MOVE TO CHINA. WE’RE FIGHTING TO MAKE OUR COUNTRY BETTER. Besides, most of us couldn’t afford to move to China. That’s where all the jobs were sent by the 1%. The heck with these brainwashed backers of the 1%. Bless those patriots out there for standing up for us. I’m sure there was plenty of people during Lexington & Concord that preferred to kiss British butt as long as they were safe and warm for now too. Keep fighting for freedom! You have our support from in rural America.

    1. Concerned Citizen says:

      You got it, brother! Nice post.

      They were known as Loyalists.

      And there are too many media influenced people who haven’t yet realized they are a large part of the problem.

      The media wants to divide and conquer, they are money influence.

      And just like the Loyalists, they will lose in the end.

  12. pete says:

    run them all over

    1. Did you just see that??? says:

      They get in my way, I will… As long as it’s legal… Then I will hit them at the posted speed limit.

      1. Concerned Citizen says:

        Perfect! You are a gem!

        I see they have a more detailed description that is appropriate for this current discussion.

        “Loyalists were American colonists who remained loyal to the Kingdom of Great Britain (and the British monarchy) during the American Revolutionary War. At the time they were often called Tories, Royalists, or King’s Men. They were opposed by the Patriots, those who supported the revolution. When their cause was defeated, about 20% of the Loyalists fled to other parts of the British Empire, in Britain or elsewhere in British North America, especially Ontario and New Brunswick, where they were called United Empire Loyalists. Most were compensated with Canadian land or British cash distributed through formal claims procedures.

        Historians have estimated that between 15 and 20 percent of the European-American population of the colonies were Loyalists.”

        Ah, yes, that lovely Canada, who the very-same ignorant Fox-bred stooges are supporting for that toxic pipeline.

        Here we are, in 2011, and the damn British royal-loving Tories are still trying to take America and this time they are doing it through Koch brothers propaganda fed Tea Party ignoramuses.

        Congrats, you are the perfect stooge.

  13. Working hard paid off for me.! says:

    I just have to laugh, I worked hard all my life, saved and ivested. Now I just bought a new motorhome, and a nice new boat. Will be enjoying these, have enough money not to work anymore and am finacially secure. Something the lazy occupiers will never be, out smoking dope and living in section 8 housing…… Ha, Ha, Ha……….. now I’m gonna go fire that diesal engine up and burn some fossil fuel………

    1. Concerned Citizen says:

      Good luck on those dilapidated roads and bridges that you are too cheap to pay taxes to re-invest in.

      1. nothingchanges says:

        For “Concerned Citizen”

    2. nothingchanges says:

      “Working hard paid off for me.! I’m with you”, I have done the same.Worked hard and invested, Life is great !!

  14. nothingchanges says:

    You ant to bet “Concerned Citizen” is a state or federal employee. LMAO !!!

  15. nothingchanges says:

    You want to bet “Concerned Citizen” is a state or federal employee. LMAO !!!

  16. Dude says:

    Occupiers are just the 21st century Nazi Party.

  17. Truth says:

    The Port Truck Drivers are being abused and HAVE to work like this because they have no other choice.

    You need to learn to accept change. The current system is not your friend. Many occupiers have or had jobs and were laid off, or simply don’t make enough money while working 40+ a week.

    Get over yourselves.

  18. Pickles Factorynooz says:

    How interesting that in intellectually constipated news providers in Sacto truckers claim they are being hurt while in the rest of the nation’s headlines truckers are thanking demonstrators for bringing attention to the employment abuses perpetrated upon them.

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