SACRAMENTO (CBS13/AP) — Another California state lawmaker has announced he will seek legislation next year responding to the Penn State child molestation scandal surrounding a former football coach.

Assemblyman Roger Dickinson became the third Democrat to announce Monday he wants to require organizations that employ athletic coaches, administrators and directors to provide training on identifying child abuse and neglect. They would also learn to identify improper contact with a minor and report suspicions.

Dickenson, of Sacramento, says current mandatory reporting laws leave out athletic coaches, administrators and directors.

“It does seem like it should be obvious, doesn’t it?” Dickinson said at a news conference Monday.”And yet that’s what makes the statistic – that 88 percent of sexual abuse cases go unreported to the appropriate authorities – so shocking. The fact is what seems obvious doesn’t occur.”

State Sen. Juan Vargas of San Diego said last month that he plans a similar bill.

A bill by Assemblyman Ricardo Lara of Bell Gardens would end nonprofits’ tax-exempt status if they are caught concealing, fostering or failing to report the sexual abuse of children.

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Comments (2)
  1. Mike DuBois says:

    Isn’t child abuse already illegal in Ca.? It’s not that we need any more laws… we need better ways of detecting abusers. I firmly believe we already have enough laws. It should be required that to enact a new law, the lawmakers should have to eliminate one. Eventually, we would truly have only the really important laws.

  2. Dan says:

    Yes M D it is already illegal, just MORE confusiing piggy back laws that we DO NOT need, it is already a law, why don’t these legslaters do something worthwhile and worth what they are paid, if they do not know the laws that are already on the books then vote them out of office pronto.

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