SUISUN CITY (CBS13) — The 17-year-old girl who was the subject of a statewide Amber Alert last week was later charged with filing a false police report after she admitted she made up the story to get her parents’ attention, according to police.

The parents of Christina Almanza filed a missing persons report on Thursday at about 12:40 p.m. with the Solano County Sheriff’s Department after providing deputies with text messages and a voice mail from her indicating she was in danger. The messages said she’d been kidnapped, that she and other girls were being held against their will in a basement and that one girl might have been killed.

Multiple agencies joined in the investigation and a task force on Friday focused on a residence in Vallejo on Bolton Avenue. Almanza was found there uninjured and taken to the Solano sheriff’s office. During the debriefing, Almanza admitted she made up the entire incident.

Almanza was arrested, issued a notice to appear and released to her parents.

Two other subjects found at the Bolton Avenue address were questioned and released.

Comments (2)
  1. Concerned Reader says:

    Why was she released? She should serve some time in a Juvenile Facility!

  2. Kelly Cook says:

    She was released because in this country we have these annoying little things called “rights.” One of them is the right to trial by jury. First she gets tried, then they lock her up.

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