Port Of Oakland Resumes Business After Occupy Disruptions

OAKLAND (CBS SF) – Operations were returning to normal at the Port of Oakland Tuesday morning after a daylong port blockade along the West Coast, port officials said.

Demonstrators had dispersed from the area surrounding the Port of Oakland before dawn Tuesday.

“Occupy Wall Street” members from different Bay Area contingents picketed early Monday through the early hours of Tuesday to shut down the Oakland port to stand in solidarity with International Longshore and Warehouse Union members in a labor dispute with grain exporter EGT in Longview, Wash., and with truck drivers in Los Angeles, who are classified as independent contractors and do not receive benefits.

Officials said Tuesday morning, “Due to the protests during the last 24 hours, there is a heavy backlog of work to get through.”

There were seven vessels at dock Tuesday morning.

A group of protesters still at the port decided just before 4 a.m. to leave their picket line.

Group members voted to leave the port after blocking truck drivers coming in for a 3 a.m. shift.

“This is quite a moment in the Occupy movement,” protesters said Tuesday morning, claiming the blockade a victory.

Port officials considered the protests more of a disruption.

“These disruptions cost workers shifts and wages, delaying and reducing paychecks. They also cost the Port and City of Oakland vital resources. They hurt the many businesses that pay taxes and help us create jobs,” officials said Tuesday morning.

  • Bradley Winchell

    They have no clue of what it is all about. Occupy What? They should be helping communities rebuild homeless shelters as with taking care of our senior centers. All they are doing is hurting the working class.

  • pete

    run them all over

  • Larry

    Hose them down all night with water. The 32 degree weather will help them to think.

  • nothingchanges

    Send them to Cuba or Valenzuela, These countries have everything they are protesting for here.

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