By Tony Lopez

FAIRFIELD (CBS13) — It’s a sound for the season that’s turned into a battle for the ages. The challenge: who can keep that Salvation Army bell ringing the longest?

bell ringing Fairfield Man Going For Bell Ringing Record

Jason Perkins of Fairfield is going for the Salvation Army bell ringing record. (credit: CBS13)

One local man swears he’s the guy to break this ringin’ record.

The Salvation Army bell “rings out” for a good cause and gets people to give. But this bell doesn’t ring itself. For example, Christina has a great technique:

“Just go around and walk around in circles so you won’t get tired.”

A great attitude:

“Be courteous and just say hello to the patrons.”

And she’s quick to dismiss any silly ideas, like ditching the bell and just shouting, “We need your money!”

“Oh no, we can’t do that.”

But she admits she hears that bell long after her three-hour shift has ended.

“Yes, I think it’s gonna be in my head for a while,” she laughs.

So just imagine what going on in Jason Perkins’ head.

Perkins is gearing up for his record-breaking challenge in front of a Walmart in Fairfield.

“Tomorrow, 9 o clock, I start to break the world record for continuous bell ringing,” he says.

His goal is 48 hours. He figures that should be enough to shatter the current ringing record of 36 hours.

His motivation is inspiring.

“To make sure that everybody has a meal, every kid that’s on the Angel Tree has a present, and we’re trying to fulfill every one of those wishes,” he says.

With his small-talk talent clearly on display, fans are already lining up.

“He can do it,” one admirer says. “He has a lot of confidence.”

But is he really ready for the zinger in this contest? It’s not just about ringin’ that bell — there are strict rules to this contest: no food breaks, only 10-minute breaks every fours for bathroom runs, and the only hydration is water and Gatorade.

But mentally sharp and determined to deliver a new record, Jason’s confidence is ringing loud and clear.


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