SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A south Sacramento man is in jail and a toddler under his care is in the hospital in critical condition with third degree burns on half his body.

CBS13’s Ron Jones spoke to the suspect, 22-year-old Kirk Douglas, Wednesday night in an exclusive jailhouse interview, where Douglas claimed it was all an accident.

“I left him in the tub to attend to my other child and I paid no attention to the water temperature,” he said from the Sacramento County mail jail. “I didn’t know the water was hot.”

But police say what Douglas did was criminal. It happened at an apartment complex in south Sacramento. Investigators say while the boy’s mother, Douglas’ girlfriend, was away, Douglas disciplined young Armani White for urinating on himself and forced him to sit in hot scalding water. When fire crews got to the apartment, they immediately called the cops.

“Those injuries were pretty severe. Third-degree burns on 50 percent of his body,” Sacramento Police Sgt. Andrew Pettit said.

Burns went from his waist to his feet. Armani was rushed to the hospital.

Douglas claims it wasn’t discipline. He says he was in the living room while Armani was taking a bath.

Jones asked Douglas if that was the case, why didn’t Armani just jump out of the bathtub?

“I don’t know why he didn’t,” Douglas said from the jail. “I was in the living room. If he would have screamed sooner I would have been back there.”

Douglas says when he heard a scream, he ran to the tub.

“When I got there, his face was down in the water,” Douglas said.

He said when he saw how severe the burns were, he called 911.

“When I took him into the living room and called 911, he really wasn’t responding to me,” Douglas said. “I would call his name and I would get nothing.”

Armani never said a word.

“Kept calling his name but still no answer. Kept hitting him in the face trying to get him to respond,” Douglas said.

The rest of Armani’s family is with him at Shriner’s Hospital as he gets treated for his burns.

“He wasn’t a bad kid,” said Stephanie Brown, Armani’s grandmother. “You never had to spank him for anything.”

Armani remained in critical but stable condition Wednesday night. He’s scheduled for surgery on Thursday.

And Douglas is facing some serious charges of child abuse.

“To everybody it may sound suspicious, but only two people know what happened in that house — me and the 3-year-old boy and the man up above.”

baby South Sac Man Accused Of Burning 3 Year Old For Urinating On Self

A 3-year-old boy was badly burned by his caretaker in south Sacramento. (credit: CBS13)

Comments (60)
  1. jackie says:

    Horribl, horroble if this child survives he will have severe problems all of his life, no one can even begin to imagine the horrble pain his child is suffering or the horrible pain he endured in that tub of scolding water. try turning on scolding water and just put your hand under for 5 seconds and see how that feels.

    1. DeeDee says:

      You are not only subhuman and ignorant, you have no feelings or empathy even for a child. Go crawl back under the rock you came from. Your comment is very sick

  2. This Dirtbag needs to Go. says:

    Someone needs to let the other inmates what this dirtbag has done….. Anyone with connections??? This guy really needs to go down…..

  3. Bill E Bob says:

    There sure does seem to be a lot of child abuse from this group, I agree with Joe.

  4. Charlie says:

    what is this county coming to? Dayton, Ohio lady puts her daughter in the microwave and turns it on! Toledo, Ohio man put child in oven it was preheated to 350 Chicago babysitter puts child in dry turns it on! The dummy in Florida who killed her daughter get aquided for killing daughter after stating the nanny had her child. Tracy, California couple’s child was chained up in the room excapes. If you are blessed with a child who is born with 5 fingers on each hand, and 5 toes on each foot you should count you blessings, if you child grows up, provides for his family then you can thank the big guy for helping you do a decent job of raising the child. I charis my children and enjoy watching them grow. Please take care of them cause god will only give you one to start with. If you are good with that child you will be blessed with another.

  5. oldfart says:

    You don’t leave a 3 year old alone in a tub anyway not even for a minute.

  6. Racists Suck says:

    F you rusty this type of stuff happens with White parents too. I am tired of people taking a negative situation and making it about race.

    1. Rusty says:

      Tell me something then…would you rather be born to white or black parents? I am waiting.

      1. Elliott the Cat says:

        I agree with you , 100% correct !

        My Family and i are Multi Raced, YOU CAN’T PULL THE RACE CARD THIS TIME !

    2. JMHO55 says:

      Rusy, my parents were white and they were emotionally, physically, and sexually abusive. On the other hand, I grew up knowing lovely African-American adults, whom I would have loved to raise me. You’re a racist, period, which is why you can’t seem to grasp or accept that there is good and bad in every demographic. What this man did is HORRIFIC, yet….. my own parents did horrific things, too… WHITE parents!

      1. JMHO55 says:

        * EDIT: Rusty

      2. MLK would be proud says:

        What a B.S Story..f.u

  7. toni says:

    who is he saying fixed the bath water, the child? lying sob, he held the baby down. also he said the baby was face down, but the video says he was burned from the waist down, wouldn’t his face have been burned also?

    1. mamas says:

      I cant believe the nerve of some people.. …. theres no way this 3 yr old just sat there and didnt try to get out or cry before his skin burned.. this guy must be an idiot.. to think someone would believe him even if the little boy moved the knob hed still have to be there a while to get burns like that.. and yeah what about his face?

    2. Oquendo Jones says:

      That’s Exactly what I was thinking! The man is a liar, as well as child abuser. My heart goes out to that child.

  8. Someone that has Children says:

    it isn’t a white, black or even purple issue it is a CHILD ISSUE for goodness God loves all child and all man should do the same REAL F$$ken TALK there old Rusty

  9. Andre Williams says:

    Even if it was an accident it’s 1 that He has to pay 4, thats like giving a Kid a hot Bowl of soup knowing that it will Burn Him, which Has Happened, He has to falt his self 4 that Kid’s life time scares..

  10. Racists Suck says:

    I doesn’t matter, I would choose the parents I have who are of mixed race of Asian, Back and White. Skin color has absolutely nothing to do with crime or morality. Maybe income has something to do with it but not race.
    Would you rather be born to poor racist rednecks or wealthy White physicians?
    Finally as a statistician and psychologist, I think you need to check crime statistics and see which race has a majority child abuse cases, child molestation, and serial murder? Its not Black people even when you adjust for population differences.

    1. MAC49 says:

      I agree race has nothing to do with this childs, horrible life with this animal, But to say INCOME, are you joking or are you just PLAIN NUTS. What in the hell does money have to do with abusing a child. And you call yourself a psychologist. I would be ashames to call my self one and say money had anything to do with abusing a child. You make me SICK!

    2. MAC49 says:

      I agree race has nothing to do with this childs, horrible life with this animal, But to say INCOME, are you joking or are you just PLAIN NUTS. What in the hell does money have to do with abusing a child. And you call yourself a psychologist. I would be ashames to call my self one and say money had anything to do with abusing a child. You make me SICK!

  11. Liz says:

    Thank you so much for all the prayers for my little cousin =)

  12. kathy says:

    i would like to have a address that i can get a hold of grandma.i would like to send a gift and card for her to give to her grandson when he gets heart and prayers go out to the family.
    for the person that did this to such a helpless child there are no words for the kind of evil that you are. may you get what is coming to you.

  13. Shakingmyheadindisbelief says:

    That’s EXACTLY WHY child abuse exist….. because of people who make obvious asinine comments, that are not only a show of their lack of intelligence, but once again a poignant view of why the world is in such a horrendous way right NOW!! Blame it on RACE, Blame it on income, oh and don’t forget to Blame it on the President, seriously???!!! Maybe the people who have the audacity to make such vile comments, should be dipped in boiling water themselves, then maybe it would give them something to really complain about. This little boy, no matter what his race is did not deserve what happened to him, my prayers go out to the family.

  14. Mr. Sullivan says:

    What happen to innocent till PROVEN guilty. I understand this young man has taken care of numerous childen and there has never been a negative incident. I understand the young man has never been in trouble with the law. Please lets just wait before we convict the man. I am very sorry about what happen to that child and my prayers are with him and his family.

  15. prancer says:

    It does not matter what race an innocent sweet toddler is it is almost impossible to imagine how anyone could do such terrible, painful harm to a child having an accident. Well he will have a hard time urinating now thats for sure. I hope they throw the book at this sub-human monster..

  16. Protect Our Children says:

    A child has been severly burned from the waist down for peeing himself and after you have read this horrible story, people are taking the time to pull the race card from behind their keyboards?! Send your thoughts or prayers to this little angel. I can’t believe what this world is coming to with all the reported incidents of child abuse. It is a blessing to be fortunate enough to bring a child into this world.

  17. RICHARD FINLEY says:

    everybody this not about raace, color or in the other story some ass said this is for money. THIS IS ABOUT THE ABUSE AND TORTURE OF A INNOCENT CHILD. NOTHING MORE NOTHING LESS. and if you can help prevent this in the future do what you can.people ask about the mother, she has no left armani’s side. and will not until armani is safe. I WANT TO THANK EVERYINE FOR YOU PRAYERS AND EMOTIONAL SUPPORT THAT YOU ARE GIVING. THE GRANDFATHER

  18. TBABY says:


    1. Responsible Mother says:

      For whatever reason the biological father wasn’t there with his son taking care of him, that’s an issue the mother is/has been dealing with. How are all women supposed to know after they have a baby that the father is going to be irresponsible? Some men step up and others were wired wrong to walk away from responsibility. If all men stepped up to be responsible for their actions, there wouldn’t be an opportunity for a crazy monster to step in and play daddy. Everybody (not just women) need to learn how to take responsibility for their own actions. That doesn’t exist anymore nowadays.

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