DAVIS (CBS13) – The California Attorney General’s Office has declined to investigate the pepper-spraying of students at UC Davis.

Both the Yolo County District Attorney and Sheriff had requested the Attorney General’s help in investigating the November 18 incident where a campus police officer used pepper-spray on a group of sitting protesters.

The pepper-spraying prompted large protests and calls for the Davis chancellor’s resignation after videos of the incident went viral.

The District Attorney said they had requested help from the Attorney General because of “significant and statewide issues involved.”

<<Read: Letter to AG from Yolo DA and Sheriff

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The Attorney General’s Office cited several factors in their denial of the request including the fact that the Governor had already called for a review of the event and their confidence in the District Attorney’s ability to handle the case.

Comments (3)
  1. nothingchanges says:

    What is there to investigate ? The commies refused to move.

  2. Johnathan says:

    What is there to investigate? the police tell the protesters to move or risk being pepper spray, they don’t move, they got sprayed in the eyes. End of story?

    1. Retired Sheriff's Deputy says:

      Really so that’s how it works… Good to know… next time your gramma is walking to slowly in front of me and impeding me I’ll whip out the OC spray and hose her down with it.

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