SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — As a toddler badly burned with hot water from the waist down recovers at Shriners Hospital, his grandmother told CBS13 she hopes the man accused of abusing the child “rots in hell.”

As little Armani lies in the hospital with tubes in his nose, his mother’s boyfriend sits behind bars, accused of forcing Armani to sit in scalding hot water after the 3-year-old urinated on himself.

baby EXCLUSIVE: Burned Boys Grandparents Share Hospital Video

A 3-year-old boy was badly burned by his caretaker in south Sacramento. (credit: CBS13)

In home video made available exclusively to CBS13 on Thursday, the boy’s grandfather, Richard Finley, asks Armani “Can you smile for me again?” and Armani complies.

“We’re here for you, OK?” Richard tells the young boy on the video. “Oh, I love you. You’re a big boy, aren’t you?”

“I just cried,” Richard told CBS13 of taking the video. “I just cried as I was filming it on my phone.”

The naturally happy little boy now faces a months-long recovery and a lifetime of scars after police say his mother’s boyfriend, Kirk Douglas, forced Armani to sit in hot water for peeing himself. Douglas was arrested on Monday after firefighters responded to his 911 call and, upon seeing the badly injured boy, immediately called police.

On Wednesday in a jailhouse interview with CBS13’s Ron Jones, Douglas denied intentionally hurting Armani.

“I didn’t know the water was hot,” he said, claiming Armani was taking a bath and that he was in the other room. “I left him in the tub to attend to my other child and I paid no attention to the water temperature.”

Arman’s grandparents aren’t buying that story.

“You’re lying,” grandmother Stephanie Brow said.

And Richard said that Armani was always careful when he gave the boy a bath.

“He always put his hands down and said ‘Papa, too hot. Papa, too cold,” Richard said. “He never got in the tub by himself.”

Armani’s grandparents said they never felt secure with him in Douglas’ care, that something just didn’t seem right.

“Personally, I hope he rots in hell,” Stephanie said.

Now they say their only comfort is that Armani is nowhere near the man accused of hurting him.
“I’m never leaving you all right?” Richard tells the boy. “I’m here for you, OK?”

Comments (20)
  1. Linda says:

    Prayers to the little man, hope he makes a speedy recovery. As for the monster who did this to him—– rot in HE!!

    1. . says:

      This story has ” Give me money ” Written all over it. sad tho

      1. JusticeWarrior says:

        To whoever said this was about money, SHUT YOUR SMELLY ASS!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. . says:

        Hey! It’s what Black people do ,To make a buck, facts are facts.

      3. GJ says:

        This is a sweet little boy with loving Grandparents.And to smile so big after what he has endured is a MIRICLE.Don’t be so cynical.

  2. Cmorno says:

    Sound like this child has great grandparents. I am hoping this little boy makes a good recovery. Hopefully the man who did this goes to prison for a long time. As for the mother of this child, lets hope if she is still in the picture that she chooses her men more carefully.

    1. Shirley Williams says:

      Where is the mother? Are there other children? If so where are they? If the mother is around why isnt she making any comments? I really hope this lil man has a good recovery. So sad.

      1. Sacman says:

        Mother is in Prison or has Felony Warrants. One or the other. Kinda typical.

    2. JusticeWarrior says:

      Actually, the mother is quite caring, unlike the boyfriend. Sacman, shut up!

      1. Sacman says:

        The mother should have her reproductive organs ripped out, If she’s going to smoke crack and let the Boyfriend babysit,

  3. Trying says:

    I don’t agree with some of the customs and laws with the middle east, but I just read an article about a man in Saudia Arabia that was sentenced to 2,080 lashes. To be adminstered over 13 years.
    Thats what this monster deserves.
    My prayers for the boy.

  4. kathy says:

    can we all get together and pray for this little boy that his mind and body heal. maybe we can send christmas and birthday gifts to his grandma for him to open when he gets out of the hospital. so he can see that there are people that love and care about him. i hope the news team can give me a address so i can do this. lets show him some love

  5. JJ says:

    Yeah whoever said this story had money written all over it should take a look in the mirror and analyze themselves because it sounds to me like they must be a greedy SOB.
    This poor little boy is hurt and facing a lifetime of problems because of a dumb ass adult who probably lost his temper at a little kid. And this is why NOT everyone deserves to have kids or even watch kids. I will pray for this little boy and his family. HUGS and PRAYERS

  6. Hanna says:

    I’m so sorry to this little boy.

  7. Chris Webber Jr. says:

    Black in America

  8. Protect Our Children says:

    This video has brought me to tears. I pray this little angel makes a speedy recovery. I hope this monster that did this to him rots in hell. I’m glad this video was posted to let everyone see what our world has become! Punishing a child with scalding hot water?! My prayers are with you Armani.

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  10. richard finley says:

    everybody this is about the torture and abuse of a innocent child. not black, not white and not money( person who said money is a ass ) I want everyone to know about what happened and if the can stop this from ever happening again. armani is at shrinners children hospital ( where its all free ) and my daughter armani’s mother has not left his side. she dont care about news, just armani. that is why you see no responce from her. all we ask is for your prayers.emotional support and prevent this from ever happening agian. the grndfather

  11. GJ says:

    I saw an update on little Armani last night.He is doing so much better.The love of his Grandparents is certainly helping.

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