Today on the Carmichael Dave Show, Mayor Kevin Johnson’s Chief of Staff, Kunal Merchant came on to discuss last nights City Council meeting, the monumental victory for the Sports and Entertainment complex movement. The City Council voted 7-2 in favor of moving forward with the plans for construction. They discussed parking estimates for a 50 year term as well as a 30 year, as well as the benefits to the Downtown region.

Dave Richard from CBS Sports joined Dave to discuss all your fantasy football questions that came in via text message and your phone calls.

Jason Jones from the Sacramento Bee came on to discuss the rumors that the Sacramento Kings are interested in signing Jamal Crawford as well as if there is any update on the rumors on signing Andrei Kirilenko. He talked about the injury rate coming out of the lockout as well. Jason talked about the Raiders playoff chances and what they will need to do to make the playoffs. He discussed how injuries to key players are a major part of their recent struggles, as well as what is wrong with the defense.


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