SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Three new women are accusing former Sacramento businessman Michael Lyon of secretly videotaping them, but charges may not be filed.

A CBS13 investigation first broke the news of Lyon secretly taping women last year.

Lyon recently finished serving house arrest after pleading guilty to videotaping four women, but yesterday three more women came forward saying they too were part of his bizarre and perverse sexual surveillance.

lyon arrest 3 More Women Claim Lyon Videotaped Them

Michael Lyon pleaded guilty to secretly recording four woman in his home. (credit: Sacramento Police Dept.)

Civil attorney Robert Zimmerman added the women to a civil lawsuit. In all, seven people are suing Lyon. Zimmerman says among the new plaintiffs, one was Lyon’s children’s babysitter, the other a nanny and the third a high school-age friend.

Zimmerman says law enforcement told the women they may have been unknowing victims. They were brought in to verify they were actually in the videos. The alleged videotaping happened between the early 1990s and 2006.

New court documents allege that Lyon had a camera in a bathroom ceiling vent. In part of the video a hand can be seen adjusting a lens on one of the cameras. The documents also claim that a man who appears to be Lyon can be seen in one of the videos adjusting a camera.

Zimmerman says the camera was hidden inside an alarm clock and that Lyon was apparently adjusting the camera shortly before an 18-year-old girl entered the room to use the bathroom.

Although the allegations are serious, no criminal charges are likely. Zimmerman says the statute of limitations has run its course in all three cases.

Lyon’s attorney Rudy Nolen was out of the office today and did not return our call for comment.

Comments (6)
  1. Fred says:

    Thinking with the wrong head

  2. vince says:

    I grew up down the street
    from Mike .
    If you knew Mike
    He had cameras everywhere .
    All the neihgbors knew , if you when near mikes house
    you were being video taped .
    He one day even showed the consel ,you could see everything
    in the neighbood and house ,
    So I don’t know how these people could be surprized
    they knew and they are just looking for LYON ‘s family money !!!!!

    1. Matt W says:

      Wow, this one takes the grand prize…dumbest post of the day!!!! Winner winner chicken dinner!!!

    2. JMHO55 says:

      You are either high or you are Lyon, himself. No one in his or her right mind would equate the use of security cameras for SAFETY with using them to spy on people doing private things in private rooms. The fact that he was known for having security cameras shouldn’t have raised suspicion that he was doing perverted things with cameras.

      Also, you need to take some spelling lessons.

    3. take a long look says:

      Uh huh….and security cameras automatically mean he can video tape anyone peeing, or having sex or doing any thing else in any room of the house? Sorry “Vince”. You are WAY off here. Not only is the comment idiotic, but logically, you must have been raised by goats to believe any of it yourself. Have fun with that delusion. Ain’t it grand!

  3. URFULOFIT says:

    Vince, I hope you’re not the defense attorney. You say: “…..they are just looking for LYON ‘s family money !!!!!” Well, buddy, I think they have FOUND it.

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