STOCKTON (CBS13) – Police in Stockton are asking for help to find a missing girl who is considered at-risk because of her young age.

Police say 12-year-old Pebbles Singkeo left her mom’s home in the 700 block of E. Hazelton Avenue five days ago after an argument, and was last seen that night about 7 p.m.

Pebbles’ mother, Cynthia Singkeo, tells CBS13 the girl was mad her phone charger was not working and went to a neighbor’s home. She then told her mother she was going to the store to get some bread.

Although she left on her own, police consider her at-risk because of her age.

Cynthia says her daughter is a loving girl, and say it’s unlike her to disappear for days. She also says Pebbles has never run away before.

“She’s a good kid, if you need help she’s there to help you. She’s the type that will give you the shirt of her back,” said Cynthia. “Pebbles, please come home, please…I love you and come home, please, I need you.”

Cynthia also asked anyone who has seen Pebbles to call the police.

The family has posted missing persons fliers all over the city.

Police say they have no reason to suspect foul play at this point.

Comments (11)
  1. luanne says:

    She walked away from her home 5-days ago and her mom just now reported her as missing? Or did the police just now decide she wasn’t a runaway? If your child leaves your home after an argument and doesn’t return within an hour or two, call the police. Anything can happen to an angry child. They are not thinking right, they are mad at mom or dad and if someone happens to pull up next to them and ask if she needs a ride, her thoughts would me “yes, get me as far away from home as possible”. Think parents!! This happens all too often. Either follow them and make them come home to talk or tell them you want to know where they will be while they are cooling off. I pray for this child and her family; I hope she’s home soon.

    1. Her Parents should be ASHAMED says:

      She’s 12??? And, her Mother lets her dress like that??? Dangly earrings, on a 12 year old???

      Seriously…… 12 years old…. And, looking like that……


      She probably ran away from home with her 36 year old Boyfriend…

      This is one sad story that just will not end with a Happy ending…
      She probably turn up Pregnant… Just sad….

      12 Years Old…. I just can’t believe any Parent would want their 12 year old girl to look like that… She is still a CHILD…. Shame on those Parents…. Shame…..

      1. You got that one Right On. says:

        Right On

        You got that right. Plus what parent would let their little 12 year old girl show cleavage like that??? I don’t care if she is developed. Way to young to be dressing like that.

  2. comet says:

    She looks older than 12 but of course does not yet know enough to be able to keep herself out of serious danger. She is probably at some friends house hopefully . There is no way to follow a 12 year old and she could be befriended by a dangerous man.

  3. jon says:

    Just saying, if my child, girl or boy was gone in these conditions, for more than a couple of hours, I would have called police and not have waited FIVE DAYS.

  4. Angela Patterson says:

    Wow what a crime! A 12 yr old wearing dangling ear rings for a obvious school picture omg her mother should be ashamed,pfft geeez people a 12 yr old is missing and all you can do is b*tch about what she is wearing for a picture!! I don’t see any cleavage showing either!! I will pray for this family and for you ignorant people leaving comments!!

  5. lexi says:

    Most likely the police just now decided that this might not be a runaway and she could be in danger. I don’t think large earrings on a 12 year old is that huge of a sin and you are the only one looking for cleveage, I see a little girl who pushed her arms down a little to tightly around her sides and some fat was pushed up. I hope she comes home soon, my thoughts will be with her family.

  6. knowit says:

    There’s something way wrong here these parents didn’t report their child missing for a week? The police need to look closer to home as to where and what happened to this girl!!!

  7. babalouey says:

    Could I suggest she has been “taken” for human sex trafficking? This is epidemic now.

  8. RM says:

    Let us not point fingers in this Case and all keep a positive look on this. It is near Christmas Believe in the Christmas spirit and Stop putting down the parents just because they do not have the same beliefs as the next person. If you Pray, Pray for them, if you dont, at least send out some Good Vibes for this dear family.

  9. gna says:

    If she survives it’s will be a life lesson, if not then a statistic 😥

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