SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A man was shot and killed during an early morning carjacking on Sunday, authorities said.

The Sacramento Police Department said two subjects apparently hid in the back of a vehicle parked on Torland Street and held up a husband and wife at gunpoint when they returned to their vehicle just after midnight.

The suspects forced the couple to drive for about five miles before one of the gunmen got into an altercation with the husband, who was sitting in the passenger seat. One of the suspects shot and fatally wounded the husband and forced the wife to keep driving.

The wife eventually pulled the vehicle over near the Norwood Avenue exit on Interstate 80. The two suspects fled the vehicle and have not been located.

Police said they do not have a description of the two men and said they don’t believe the suspects and victims knew each other.

Anyone with information on the incident is asked to contact Crime Alert by calling (916) 443-HELP or texting 274637 with “SACTIP” at the beginning of the message.

Comments (23)
  1. gna says:

    No mercy for the wicked, the mutants who committed this crime must be made to pay for the works of the devil they play. . . . 8)

  2. Alex R says:

    What the hell did you just say?


    We need to end this liberal-on-liberal crime.

    1. your momma says:

      stop putting words in liberal’s mouth idiot!

  4. nothingchanges says:

    California has harsh tax laws and no harsh penalties on crime. This is again typical of bleeding hearts.

  5. nothingchanges says:

    We have to start carrying firearms to protect our families, Better to be judged by twelve than carried by six.

  6. asdfasdf says:

    Well, any physical and ethnic description of the suspects. That areas, South Natomas, not a good area and is spreading to North Natomas. Low income, urban America, and low lives have been causing problems there.

  7. dododlkd says:

    subject? object, animal, creature, air, imagination? Hey, can we put a new and specific? Kindergarden can do it better than the news paper? Well, we probably know the answer, these people try to suit.

  8. Something dosen't smell right..... says:

    A couple of “car jackers” pick a random car that just happens to be unlocked….and sit in it waiting for the driver, who may or may not come out……………. The detectives might what to put mom and son on a polygraph on this one…….. The details of this whole story just smell right.
    Looks more like the husband was set up……………

    1. Selmers says:

      Agreed. Something very fishy. Why didnt she just floor it until getting pulled over? They wouldnt shoot her if she floored it. And, not to give these idiots any credit, they would have probably thought that through, which is why this is not how carjackings occur.

  9. Kelmac says:

    I agree that it sounds a bit fishy. Sounds like maybe a set up and whose to say what REALLY happened. If the story is true my prayers to that family.

  10. Ryder says:

    catch ’em, shoot ’em

    1. nothingchanges says:

      Yes, The whole catch and release thing does not work.

  11. Vixen says:

    The slime element is out at midnight looking for victims, perhaps the couple were returning to their car after being to the theatre or out dancing at a night cliub, visiting friends. It is a fact that the slimes will walk up and down streets trying to open car doors until they find one unlocked then if they cannot start it or do not no know how to drive it would make sence to them to wait for the owners to show up then force them to drive them some where. Whats so fishy about that? It happens alot the only reason we heard about this is because the owner was killed, very, very sad.

    1. CT says:

      Ok, you want to know what’s fishy…why would these carjackers find a car that is unlocked, wait in the backseat until the husband and wife show up, shoot the husband and then, when the wife pulls over, just flee? Why not shoot her to and then steal the van if it was a carjacking? Shooting him, then letting her pull over so they could get out and leave makes no sense.

  12. Blitzen says:

    They probably thought they knew where the couple were its srange that they did not just take their keys and drive off I guess they new the couple would call the police and they would be stopped and caught. Hope they find who did this.

  13. mike says:

    guess there’s not much left to say since you all have this case solved

  14. David Willow says:

    Oh my gosh that is just so so so sad, man I jsut cannot even imagine.

  15. The Blogger says:

    Unfortunately, I have to agree with some of the comments. A car Jacking is usually a spur of the moment crime.

    I just have a bad feeling about this crime.

    Was it a murder for hire?

    Or was it in fact a random violent crime?

    I am glad to see that Crime Alert is involved.

    With a reward offered someone will talk & this terrible will be solved.

  16. Susie Kimbell says:

    Very, Very Sad and my prayers goes out to the family of the man that got shot…It is perient to shot someone, they can’t come back home and hug there family any longer or share any stories with them again….GONE to the ground…It comes with alot of pain that lasts a very long time of pain…I know, I lost a family member this way my self….So pray for the family, they will need your help…

  17. Susie Kimbell says:

    Don’t try to reason out a fool, or you just become one of those fools….Why ???? Who the hell knows why. ??? Why did they shoot, if they were going were they wanted….. Why …There jerks that’s why, self absorbed jerks of this world…I hope a miracle happens and they get caught….I pray. !!!

  18. Chris says:

    Seriuosly all u nay-belivers get a life quit jumping to conclustions about something you know nothing about. Random stupid crimes happen all the time. Whose to say what the criminals thought. Unless you rung a gang of criminals how do you know what is normal. Dont run good peoples names into the ground. Especialy when their bodies arnt even cold yet. Get a life and a degree then become an investigator. Till then dont use your lack of substance as a human to judge on others and make outragious accusations. Nuff said flame on idoits.

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