OAKLAND (AP) – A man accused of leading police on a low-speed chase from Oakdale to Modesto has been arrested.

Jerry DePalma, 48, and accomplice Irvin Turpitt, 51, allegedly took the 25-ton vehicle from Brown Sheet Metal and Mechanical in Oakdale.

Police say DePalma eventually jumped from the forklift, which has a top speed of 25 mph, and ran into a nearby orchard. He was located and officers used a stun gun to bring him into custody.

The suspects may have been trying to sell the forklift for scrap.

Turpitt is still at large.

Comments (6)
  1. gna says:

    throw the book at these pudwackers.. 8)

  2. Jane Anderson says:

    Now wait a minute. A forklift does not weigh 25 tons. That would be fifty thousand pounds.

    1. Steve says:

      They do have some out there. Not the type you’re thinking of though. These are used for handling cargo containers. Do a google for Hyster and heavy duty fork lifts.

  3. JustMe says:

    Turpitt is still at large? You mean he was able to successfully outrun cops on a forklift?

    1. LOL says:

      HAHA, Im pretty sure i saw a guy ‘speeding’ from the cops on a segway as the getaway vehicle.

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