CERES (CBS13) — A funeral was held Tuesday for a baby who was never given a chance at life.

The baby was found dead inside a garbage can at a Waterford gas station three weeks ago, and there’s still no word who left the infant there.

Tuesday, police, first responders and total strangers gathered to pay their respects.

“No one welcomed him to the world so we got to welcome him back to God,” said Modesto resident Jennifer Cobley.

The full-term baby, whose sex has not be disclosed, was found dumped in a Waterford trash can next to a pump at the Bait Barn gas station Dec. 1.

Ceres Memorial Park Cemetery and local funeral homes donated everything needed to give the baby a proper burial.

“It’s a place where someone can visit him or her,” cemetery manager Clayton Guzman said. “It touches your heart a little bit, because kids are kids.”

People from all over the Central Valley opened their hearts and wallets to help pay for the baby’s head stone, which will read ” Precious Angel.”

“Our phones have been ringing and people have showed up and donated up to $200 to $400,” Guzman said.

After a short service filled with prayer and song, the crowd released balloons.

Investigators still haven’t tracked down anyone who knows why the precious life was thrown out like trash.

“We haven’t got any tips on the investigation yet,” said Larry Seymour with the coroner’s office.

Detectives remain tight-lipped about the baby’s gender and other details about the case because they don’t want to jeopardize the investigation.

  1. gna says:

    when human beings dump babies in the trash, they cease to be humans.

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