SUSANVILLE (CBS13) — A minimum security inmate who escaped on Tuesday morning from Ishi Conservation Camp, which is located just outside Paynes Creek in Tehama County, was taken back into custody about 10 hours later.

California Department of Corrections and Rehabilation (CDCR) staff and local law enforcement officers captured 31-year-old Arthur Turner at about 7:35 p.m. just outside the camp. Turner was medically cleared and booked without incident into the Tehama County Jail.

The matter will be referred to the Tehama County District Attorney’s Office for prosecution.

Turner was committed on Feb. 28, 2003, from Stanislaus County for robbery. He was scheduled to be paroled in April 2014.

He was last seen at the camp at about 9:45 on Tuesday morning.

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  1. nothingchanges says:

    It krismus tym an i wunna be wit mi homeees !

  2. MLK would be proud says:

    We all know Blacks are a burden to society. It’s not are fault they don’t want to do the right things in life, And that’s why we built Prisons. dumb azz

  3. IDIOTS! says:

    Can Neanerthal and MLK be any more dumb? My GOD. I am WHITE and you two disgust me. Did you idiots know there are a hell of a lot more WHITE serial murders, kidnappers and rapists than there are black? You just sound like a couple of ignorant FOOLS

    1. gna says:

      mommas boy ears hurt 😦

      Stuff it . . 😉

  4. gna says:

    Lets face it Turner allowed himself to be caught. . . . more over he was missing out on dinner . . .him getting h u n g r y . . . . 8)

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