No matter how you choose to celebrate 2012 this New Year’s Eve, consider incorporating vintage into your outfit. Whether you are playing it casual, having dinner with friends or going out on the town, a choice vintage piece can really light up your New Year’s ensemble.

casual glitter outfit feature bella q Ring in the New with Vintage: Three Fun Looks for New Year’s Eve

(credit: Bella Q)

GOING FOR CASUAL: Timeless Shine

The easiest way to get your shine on this New Year’s Eve is by sporting sequins. Even when dressed for a casual get-together, you can still light up a room by pairing a glittering sequined top with just about anything, in this case a vintage black silk slip, and some sparkly accessories. This like-new blazer was scored at a Goodwill thrift store and embellished with vintage buttons and a vintage rhinestone broach. The handbags are highly collectible vintage Whiting and Davis mesh bags, which add a timeless shine in style. For added fun, a sequin tiara picked up at a costume shop, tops off this easy-to-wear look

Sequin tiara: Evangeline’s
Silver sequin blazer: Goodwill Industries
1960’s vintage black slip: This N That Thrift & Gift
Vintage Whiting and Davis mesh handbags: French Cuff Consignment

THE DINNER PARTY: The Future Has a Checkered Past

checkered past bella q Ring in the New with Vintage: Three Fun Looks for New Year’s Eve

(credit: Bella Q)

A silhouette that echoes Dior’s New Look is always stylish, and is a great way to dress up a New Year’s Eve dinner party. The topper is a Mad Men era sequined fascinator. Adding to the sparkle is this 1950’s vintage Italian wool checkered sweater. The layering of two skirts, a vintage lace skirt under a contemporary cotton circle skirt serves a creative substitute for a petticoat. Dishing up even more glamour is the addition of the gold lame accessories, which cinches the waist with a skinny belt and the look with a charming 1960’s handbag. The look is fresh in its modern mix of prints, yet a timeless classic at the supper club.

1950’s vintage fascinator, Fringe
1950’s vintage sequin cardigan, Fringe
Vintage Deco broaches, Fringe
Printed cotton circle skirt: Goodwill Industries
1950’s lace skirt as petticoat: Prevues – A Fashion Fetish

Also shown:
1960’s vintage rhinestone beaded shift dress, c/o French Cuff Consignment


new year noir bella q Ring in the New with Vintage: Three Fun Looks for New Year’s Eve

(credit: Bella Q)

Donning vintage for the holidays doesn’t mean looking staid or stodgy. There’s no need to stick to only one era, swing in the New Year’s with a medley of vintage pieces. Post-modern vintage lovers know how to deftly mix the decades and make their look dance. This particular dance re-mix includes an eclectic blend that spans the 20th century.

Mixing metals with midnight, this highbrow meets lo-fi ensemble is designed for a night out on the town. The sequin top plays perfect foil for this superb fur cropped coat, a foxy number you’d expect to see on a 1940’s femme fatale. Vintage rhinestones trip the light fantastic with a one-of-a-kind piece crafted by local artist, Eric Jensen. Like this New Year’s ensemble, the necklace is cleverly re-made from various vintage elements. The outfit completes its boogie-woogie with a pair of 1990’s rave-era holographic plastic sunglasses and a dashing 1950’s women’s bowler. The tri-color metallic leather clutch and sassy vintage Ferragamo pumps turn this dowdy dog into a 21st century Fox.

1950’s vintage bowler hat, Citizen Rosebud
‘00’s sunglasses, This N That Thrift & Gift
Rhinestone jewelry, Fringe and Prevues – A Fashion Fetish
Eric Jensen necklace, exclusive to Fringe
Vintage sequin tank, Fringe
Vintage Fur Cropped Coat, Fringe
Tri-color metallic leather clutch, French Cuff Consignment
1960’s vintage Ferragamo pumps: SPCA Thrift Store

Also Shown:
1970’s vintage reversible gold/black deco jacket, c/o Citizen Rosebud
Halston III gold/black mesh dress, c/o Fringe

Bella Q is a Sacramento-based personal style blogger who is obsessed with plaid, blogging, and street style. You can read about her latest style obsessions over at The Citizen Rosebud and see her most recent street style captures at Street Style SACRAMENTO.

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