VACAVILLE (CBS13) — They say they ordered furniture, but their orders never arrived. And when they went to the store to complain, it was gone.

These people say they’re not going to give up without a fight. That’s why they’ve the called the Vacaville Police Department.

“I found what I liked and it was a great price,” Matt Bowman said.

But looking back on it now, Matt says it was too good to be true. He ordered a bedroom furniture set from the Furniture Outlet Store in Vacaville in October and says only his bed arrived.

‘I kept bugging them, kept bugging them, and it’s been a couple of months now,” Matt said.

Bowman says now the store owner who sold him the furniture, is nowhere to be found. In fact, the business is closed down. All CBS13 found on a visit there Wednesday was a note saying they were out making deliveries.

“He’s hurting a lot of people with whatever he’s trying to do,” Albert Buensalida said.

After getting the wrong sized mattress and making many unreturned calls, he confronted the owner at the store.

“He’s looking at me in the eye telling me all of this BS, which is really upsetting because I tend to give people the benefit of the doubt,” he said.

Albert says he was assured the problem would be fixed. Even though he had the owner’s cell phone number, he says his calls were never answered.

We tried to call too. We left a message, and when we called back, the phone was out of service.

Matt and Albert both called the police.

“The first step is to determine if the store legitimately went out of business or if this was indeed a scam, which is what they’re looking at right now,” said Vacaville city spokesman Mark Mazzaferro.

But Matt is taking the investigation into his own hands, posting a letter on the store trying to find other victims and doing some research to track down the owner, who he fears has packed up to open up a new store in another town.

“We’ll get him,” Matt says
And he says if and when the police make an arrest in this case, he wants to be there for it.

Comments (7)
  1. gna says:

    What is it with criminals and ethics . . . . . 😦

  2. annette wages says:

    Clark Howard had a small segment about this very thing on his show last week. If you can, look it up on his web site. I never knew that this scam existed until he gave the alert.

  3. Mace says:

    LOL…I don’t order from 2nd hand stores LOL! Stop being cheap and just save ur money and go to restoration hardware. Now ur out of money, and have to complain to the attorney general’s office LOL…Most likely he’ll file BK…either way U lost ur money

  4. sammy says:

    I hope police will get him soon. Wonder why he never answer his phone and i still didnot receive my sofa.

  5. Tapestry says:

    I don’t trust stores that ‘order’ things for you I have tried twice to do that once it too way too long (2 months) and I cancelled the order
    The other store was really nice they called me and said the company that they were ordering from was taking way too much time and returned my money in full! This week I went to a store that sold what was on the floor.
    I got my couc onh the delivery day he marked on my receipt, Sofa Works on Holiday Lane, I don’t know too many other stores that give good service. I will go back again, and the prices are reasonable too!

  6. nidW says:

    Never buys from these individual funiture stores, they’ll are fake. Just look around Sacto area. Do you see a banner on their stores that says “Store is Closing”? but never closes? if they ever do, they just come up with another name the next day, scammmmmmmmmmmed.

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