Today on the Grant Napear show the 49ers and Kings were the main topic of conversation. Grant took calls about the 49ers and Steelers game on Monday Night, along with calls about the Kings season and their preseason game on Tuesday. Grant interviewed Steve Wyche and Matt Steinmetz.

Steve Wyche of the NFL Network was on with Grant today. Steve and Grant talked about the 49ers and Steelers’ Monday Night Football game, and what it meant for both teams’ playoff chances. Steve also talked about the Steelers’ decision to keep an injured Ben Roethlisberger in for the entire game. Finally, they discussed the Raiders and their struggles this season and the reasons for those struggles.

Matt Steinmetz from Comcast SportsNet joined Grant today. First, Matt talked about the Warriors and how they’re adapting to their new head coach, Mark Jackson. They also talked about the expectations for the Warriors this year, and how their off-season didn’t live up to what fans thought it would be.


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