SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A single mom is hoping someone can help track down her stolen car with all of her kids’ Christmas presents inside.

Sara Lopstain’s car was stolen from her home in north Sacramento overnight. Lopstain is unemployed, but was able to get her children Christmas gifts. Unfortunately, the gifts were inside her car.

Lopstain hopes someone will bring her 1999 champagne colored Cadillac Deville back with all the gifts so she can give her kids the Christmas they deserve.

Comments (8)
  1. gna says:

    When criminals outnumber common citizens these sorts of things occur…. 😦

  2. Jennifer Portley says:

    Really?! Perhaps your “fact checker” should verify this story is legimate. The things people will do to get what they want by playing on people’s sympathy. Shame on this woman!

    1. anonymous says:

      Wow Jen , who scammed you?
      What proof do you have that shes just trying to take advantage of peoples kindness?
      Who are you, or any of us, to condemn her of it without reason..?
      That is shameful imo.
      I certainly hope you never find yourself down on your luck, with your karma you are certain to stay there.
      Merry Christmas !

    2. Gemma says:

      I agree Jennifer! Something sounds fishy!

    3. CT says:

      It is definitely quite a coincidence that after losing her job she went out and bought Christmas presents and just happened to have left all the presents inside the car on the night that the thieves just happened to come along and decide to steal her car.

  3. Cal says:

    It’s a good thing she left all the gifts in the trunk and parked her car outside!…Sometimes these lessons are inflicted on dumb people for a reason! Either that, or we will hear about an insurance fraud case coming soon!

  4. illtellallrememberthat says:

    She is a bigg scam artist dont feel no sympathy 4 this witch! I know her personally and she is a cranked out mother whose kids hop from house to house her only stable baby daddy is her youngest sons dad who was smart enough to fight 4 custody and won. She will use her kids for pity. She is unemployeed but in the meantime she is selling drugs out of her house and has people in and out all hours while her 15 yr old daughter n 8 year son are home. The car dont belong toher its her cousins car. Sara is a liar a thief a scam artist! Me and my family tried to help her and she burned us. Karma is a b@#ch and if this really happened to her ( which i knowit didnt) she deserves it! Her kids deserve a better mom instead of giving to her, she needs to be locked up. CPS needs to step in n lokk seriously into her life. Her cousin who is wanted for car theft lives withher… so you tell me if this is a scam or not.

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