ROSEVILLE (CBS13) – Authorities are cracking down hard on local scrap metal buyers in an attempt to erase the ability for metal thieves to turn their stolen goods into cash.

The Roseville Police Department conducted stings on businesses to test whether employees would abide by the rules meant to deter scrap metal theft, including waiting three days before paying sellers and taking proper identification.

The owner of a Rio Linda business, Jenipher Maggard, was placed under arrest earlier this week for allegedly failing to keep proper records of scrap metal purchases, which included catalytic converters, according to Roseville Police Lt. Marc Glynn.

Maggard denied knowingly purchasing stolen metal to CBS13 and said she hasn’t learned all of the laws since opening her business in February.

“We have to do a better job at… taking IDs and doing things the proper way,” she said.

Two other arrests were also made in other stings this week, authorities said.

The added scrutiny comes after thieves ripped at least 65 catalytic converters off of vehicles in Roseville and an untold amount of copper wiring.

“We’re going to be relentless on this crime, we’re going to be going after people who are not conducting business appropriately,” said Lt. Glynn.

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  1. 4arizonaLaw says:

    Two Words: Illegal immigrants.

    1. Mark says:

      4arizonaLaw – I must disagree with you on this. Whenever they show police photos of those arrested for this particular type of crime, the pair (because they usually work in pairs) are invariably a couple white guys, usually in their early thirties to mid forties with that typical methamphetamine addict appearance.

    2. Selective says:

      Wrong species. Russians and Viet Namese or Thai most probably

  2. Phil says:

    About time, come on these people were or are paying for all kinds of stolen goods, and I know they know it’s stolen. How about those Man hole covers?

  3. Tapestry says:

    That’s the way to go.. no buyers the thefts will decline!

  4. jcc says:

    I agree with Tapestry, this is the only way to stop this type of theft that is costing businesses and us thousands and thousands of dollars of repairs. I can’t believe a business would be stupid enough to buy items that it’s pretty obvious they are stolen.

  5. hionthemountain says:

    absolutely cool, fine business,
    now set the hook and fine the innards out of the perpetrators

  6. Kimberly says:

    My son had his converter stolen off of his 4Runner twice in the same year. One time he had stopped at an Albertson’s to buy a loaf of bread, and when he came out, the guy (white) was rolling out from under his truck and jumping into a waiting car with a woman driver. This was in 2004. Why has it taken so long for the police to do anything about this?

  7. redneckwriter says:

    I owned a Toyota 4Runner, and when I had my converter stolen, I had it replaced and went to a machine shop to add some extra metal plates over it to discourage thieves. never did have another theft.

  8. rmcsticks says:

    I hope they throw the dame book at these recycle shops , this cr ap that they did’nt know the rules is BS and I hope someone ripes them so they can see what it cost to replace it. they should have there Buisness lic. taken away and never be able to get another one in Califorina…..

  9. nothingchanges says:

    I was talking to a Stockton cop and asked him about these people that dumpster dive for recyclables and pull makeshift trailers with their bikes. He told me that 90% of them are hiv positive heroin addicts

  10. bubba says:

    big deal this will last about 2 weeks then life will be back to normal,the’ll state they don’t have the man power to keep this up. there’s so many recycle yard’s they don’t have the man power now to do anything about it so bfd

  11. Leonthelump says:

    Is anyone out there stupid enough to believe Maggard? I hope people find out wear these “recyclers” are and burn them down.

  12. The Blogger says:

    Hey man, can’t you see it’s a conspiracy between the buyers & sellers?

    Supply & demand…………

    Everyone is making money off of this illegal activity.


    If the buyers won’t buy, then the tweakers can’t sell their stolen goods….

    It’s a no brainer…………

    Stop by for a few……….

    New readers daily………….

    It’s FREE, no metal required!!!!

  13. URFULOFIT says:

    It’s funny how people change their ‘tude when the cops aren’t around deciding if an arrest is appropriate. This b–ch “Jenipher” (her mother probably didn’t know how to spell the name on the birth certificate) was contrite and says she wants to cooperate. When the TV camera was on her she was yelling and showing her middle finger. Oh, real classy lady. (and for the racist crowd, sorry, but she was white and about 30) Just like another suspect, the woman (again, white 30sih) who attacked the faculty member at the high school over her kid wearing the T-shirt. After apologizing to police, THAT bottom-feeder looked into a TV camera and mouthed the words, “f–k you” VERY clearly. What a sweet little coquette! I wonder if she and “Junkyard Jenipher” went to the same finishing school? If so, they should get their money back.

  14. RD says:

    And what was Roseville PD doing running a sting op in Sac County without Sac County being made aware and giving their consent?

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