Thieves Sift Through Ashes, Steal Wedding Ring Of Woman’s Late Husband

SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — Thieves ransacked through a elderly Sacramento woman’s home on Christmas Day, getting their hands on everything, even her loved one’s ashes, but she’s asking for only one thing back — her late husband’s wedding ring.

The happiest day of Lois Stevens’ life was marrying her one and only love, Frank.

“They were just the sweetest people you would ever meet,” said her granddaughter, Kim Stevens.

After more than half a century of marriage, Frank passed away and Lois tucked away his wedding ring in their home — until Christmas Day.

“It’s gone,” said Kim.

couple photo Thieves Sift Through Ashes, Steal Wedding Ring Of Womans Late Husband

The wedding ring of Lois Stevens' late husband, Frank, was among the items stolen when her house was burglarized on Christmas Day. (credit: CBS13)

While her grandmother was gone, crooks broke into her home, going through every cabinet, dresser and closet, stealing anything they could.

A computer, a TV, even family pictures, then they came back to stuff Lois’ van with stolen goods.

“It was packed,” Kim said.

The suspects even casually ate ice cream as they tried to hotwire the van but didn’t get away with that after the airbag deployed. Then the thieves showed just how heartless they are, sifting through ashes in urns to see if any valuables were stored there.

“This is my dad and my brother’s ashes,” Kim said. “My brother we lost in a car accident in 2002 and my dad died in May. The last 10 years my grandma’s lost my brother, my grandpa, my dad, her mom.”

And when she didn’t think her grandmother could lose anymore, she had to tell her her husband’s gold wedding ring may be lost forever.

“We’ve searched every inch of this house for it,” Kim said. “We can’t replace her security, her comfort, but the ring at least she can have that back. At least she could have one piece of him back.”

Kim said she’d be visiting area pawnshops, telling everyone she can to look out for the ring.


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