Exciting day for the Grant Napear show, with the Sacramento Kings beating the LA Lakers last night for the first win of the season, and getting ready for their match-up vs. the Portland Trailblazers tonight, Kings fans called the show to talk about their new look Kings and the big win over the Lakers.

Scott Howard-Cooper with NBA.com joins the show to talk all things NBA, sharing his thought on the Kings big win over the Lakers Coopers said, “A win to start the season, and a win over the Lakers is always good for Sacramento.” He went on to say that this team has be driven so much by emotion. “Sacramento needs basketball, they need to have people feel the way they did last night around 10:30pm.” You can almost count on him for offense.” Cooper said about Kings shooting guard Marcus Thornton. He expanded by saying, “I don’t think that he will have the bid numbers that he had last year with the Kings now that Evans is back, but he will be big for this team.”

Cooper feels that the Kings are better team then last year but the playoffs are still a ways in the future saying, “There is no question that the Kings are a better team then last year, with the playoff still a way off into the distance, this is a step in the right direction for the Kings.”

Next on the show Head coach of the Oakland Raiders comes on to talk Raiders football. Coach Jackson feels that his team is upbeat looking ahead to this week match-up vs. San Diego as they need to win to stay alive in the playoff picture. He feel that San Diego will come into Oakland and do all they can to make sure the Raiders do not have an opportunity to make the post season. When asked what it would mean to him if the team were able to play post season football coach Jackson said, “It will mean a loot, I am not totally happy with were the team is right now and we have a lot of work that still needs to be done, but making the playoffs would mean a lot.” With all the ups and downs of this season for the Oakland Raiders you cannot help but think about Al Davis. When asked about Al Davis and how he still effects this team coach Jackson said, “There is not a day that goes by that I do not think about coach, What he has taught me has really helped me this year get through a lot of the ups and downs this year.”


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