Cat Recovering After Being Shot With Crossbow Arrow

DIAMOND SPRINGS (AP) — Authorities in Northern California are looking for a suspect who apparently struck a cat with a crossbow arrow.

El Dorado County Sheriff’s Lt. Bryan Golmitz says the wounded cat was found on Dec. 20 by deputies who were called out an animal cruelty call in Diamond Springs. When deputies found the cat, it was alive, but had an arrow lodged in its head.

Golmitz said the bolt did not appear to have penetrated the cat’s skull, with the arrow falling out when animal control and officers tried to capture the injured feline.

El Dorado County Animal Services Director Henry Brzezinski told the Sacramento Bee that the arrow apparently went in through the ear of the adult male cat named Taz and did not pierce his skull.

Brzezinski says the cat is recovering well, with a drain tube inserted to catch fluids removed Thursday.

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  • rmcsticks

    POS Hope they catch him, not the cops the owners.

  • Mike Carpino

    anyone who would do this has serious mental and anger issues and needs to have their ass whoopt.

  • vucja

    Because of ear/head anatomy, it’ll be a miracle if the cat doesn’t get a massive brain infection from this and possibly lalso .ose the hearing in that ear, Animals have been killed when a fox tail went into their ear and then into their brain, unbeknownst to their owners until it was too late.

  • bob

    if I see you do this to an animal I’ll bury you in the mother’s basement where you dwell.

  • MisterMellow

    Why do they want to find the shooter? He/She is obviously is a bad shot.

    • Shirley Williams

      WTH IS WRONG WITH YOU??? This is a defenseless animal, you should be shot with an arrow in your head!!! You are dispicable!!!!

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