EL DORADO HILLS (CBS13) – A couple of teenagers walked away from an early morning crash in El Dorado Hills the CHP says was caused by the teen driver fooling around behind the wheel.

The two were in a silver Jeep on a straight section El Dorado Boulevard at around 5 a.m. Monday when the crash happened.

The driver, an 18-year-old male, apparently lost control of the SUV causing it to roll over onto its side. The boy and his 17-year-old female passenger were able to walk away from the crash.

While it was a misty morning, the CHP says it was not poor visibility or slick roads that caused the Jeep to overturn.

Investigators say the girl reached over and pulled the steering wheel.

“The driver thinks it’s funny that the vehicle kind of spun a little bit because of the fog and now it’s starting to rain so the roadway’s wet,” said a CHP officer Heitzmann. “He at that point turns the steering wheel left, right, left, right which is when he loses control.”

The Jeep hit the center median, rolling across two lanes of oncoming traffic finally ending up on the southbound side on the shoulder.

“Young drivers gotta tell them hopefully learn something. This could have been devastating if there had been a head on collision or something like that,” said Officer Heitzmann.

Fortunately, the teens were not seriously hurt. The driver did suffer a cut to his head.

CHP has not said whether it plans to cite the driver in this crash.

Comments (27)
  1. Teri says:

    These two kids were lucky, they both need to have their drivers license taken away. Playing around like that could have been deadly this proves they are immature, there needs to be a consequence for there actions.

    1. Bnicholerose says:

      I agree. They should both have suspended licenses for years.

  2. concerned reader says:

    Why is it unclear if the driver will be cited for the accident? He certainly should lose his drivers license.

    1. wills says:

      it was my friend in the accident and he was not cited

      1. CHPWife says:

        Not yet. Sometimes they are cited or charged after all the reports written.

  3. sanitywillprevail says:

    Hit them where they will feel it. Make them pay for all the emergency vehicles and services involved in the incident, Let them feel the full cost of “fooling around:,,,.

    1. Robert Meissner says:

      That’s B.S. when they charge drivers for emergency services unless they rebate what they collect to the taxpayers who are paying for all the services, not to mention all the benefits and retirements of of our “Public servants..” Otherwise they are just ripping us furthether to waste more of our money-what are we paying taxes for?

  4. Linda says:

    Why are two teens out at 5 am?

    1. What to do at 5am? says:

      She would be getting pregnant……………

  5. David says:

    “Effective January 1, 2006, persons under age 18 must be accompanied by a parent/guardian or other person specified by law when driving between the hours of 11:00 PM and 5:00 AM for the first twelve months.”

    So, either they were beyond the first 12 months of their license or they were breaking the law.

    I do think they should be charged for the costs. I also think, just in case, they should be hauled in for blood tests to determine if they were under the influence of anything.

    From the looks of the car, I imagine the driver is having a very uncomfortable breakfast with the parents this morning.

    1. Paul says:


      I agree with your post. Just wanted to point out that the driver was 18. Does that law still apply to him?



  6. young,dumb,and never die says:

    When I was 16 I bought my first truck, I paid for half my dad the other half, before he gave me my keys he laid down his laws,” if you ever drive crazy, if you ever screech your tires, if you ever get a speeding ticket, if the neighbors ever tell me they saw you driving nut’s, I’ll melt this thing around you!, I of course thought this was totally unfair since I paid for half and told him so, he didn’t miss a beat and replied “your right, I’ll only melt the half I paid for”, and I KNEW he would have done it…I used the same laws when I became a parent, I realize now he was doing everything he could not to get THAT calll …

    1. Jamie says:

      DUH!…..the only time a teenager realizes that parents are trying to steer them in the right direction is AFTER they become parents themselves…..that’s when they finally understand!

  7. Jonathan says:

    “It’s unclear if the driver will be cited.”
    REALLY?!?!?! Give me a friggin’ break! They need to teach these kids a GOOD HARD LESSON! Oh, wait, they can’t because they are SPOILED ROTTEN RICH KIDS WITH CONNECTIONS TO THE SYSTEM……they are probably related to some high ranking politician or judge…….what a friggin’ LOUSY, CORRUPT system!

    1. CHPWife says:

      The CHP does not always cite right away. They often wait until the full police report is written and the diagrams are done or the MAIT team has submitted its report. He may well still face citation or charges.

  8. SlowNewsDay says:

    Monday news was not being reported until Friday?

  9. sharpone says:

    Good experience here. Very few people know how to handle a vehicle in an emergency situation. We are all taught to drive safely, but not taught extreme maneuvers or skid control.

  10. JMHO55 says:

    The driver should absolutely be cited and his license should be suspended. He operated his vehicle in an unsafe manner and it was sheer luck that he didn’t kill himself, his passenger, and/or someone else on the road.

    As to the writing on this site, is this your error or did the officer actually say this: “Young drivers gotta tell them hopefully learn something.” Is this really supposed to be a sentence?

  11. Cmorno says:

    Some teen drivers never learn that driving is a full time responsibility. These two morons ought never have a license or drive again. How stupid of this idiot girl to be playing around when someone is driving. Hope they are punished for this. Probably mommy and daddy punished them by making them stay home tonight.

  12. joann orff says:

    i am 67years old and icannot believe all the comments, i doubt anof the people making a comment have been perfect. it didnt look like they were doing drugs and dont judge the parents, we have have to go up. lets all be thankful no one was sreiously hurt and dont slam the poor kids for life im sure they got really scared. dont pre judge

  13. Get Reall says:

    You have to be kidding….if that were actually done, YOU and I would be paying them to live. They would be our newest welfare recipients. They should be punished of course but lets be realistic please.

  14. chaosity says:

    What a lot of jerks posting, why don’t you at least read the entire news article instead of just the headlines. The girl grabbed the steering wheel, the kid lost control because of that and tried to regain control but could not what is so hard to understand about that. this is why insurance rates are so high if you have a teenage male driver in the house. The insurance should pay for this or the girls family will probably have to. I do not know a single family who has kids who have not had accidents with the family car including mine,thats why we have insurance clowns. Thank God no one was hurt., that is the MOST important!

  15. Robert Meissner says:

    Chaosity and all others-It says the giorl pulled the wheel-why she did, IF she did, it does not say-maybe he was jerking around before she initially grabbed it-Then it says-The MALE driver continued to fool around intentionally swerving his vehicle, he caused the accident-he was behind the wheel and thought it was fun to fool around. I have had former clients whose daughter was killed because the driver was FOOLing around!

  16. chaosity says:

    No it does not say that at all Robert M what the heck is wrong with you I certainly would not want to have YOU represent me when ya cannot even get the only story we have right. Of course you may have read the accident report which hasn’t been released yet or maybe you are one of those phyics or maybe ya have a crystal ball . Trying to gain control of the jeep after his sweety grabbed the wheel is not fooling around that was not included in his driving lessons no doubt. So you are assuming he is guilty just because a clients daughter(which has nothing to do with this case ) was killed by the driver fooling around, holy cow. You have ‘invented” YOUR own spin on this tale of woe not the only facts we have read. You might possibly be right but there is no proof of that whatsoever at this time. Good thing that they were in a jeep instead of a new small made of tinfoil and plastic car. Our kids learned in a jeep and ford pickup, safest vehicles on the road for beginners.

  17. Justice says:

    The driver and passangers should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law as it pertains to thier esponsiblity. Granted they did not kill an on comming car with a family and they were not hurt, but they need to realize the consequences of thier actions. If the girl, did infact “pull the wheel” which cased the accident, then both her and her parents shuld be held responsible for any and all damage caused.

  18. chaosity says:

    Justice if you don’t know what you are typing about it is best not to type anything at all that will reveal how childish you are. This was an accident, get it! They did not hurt or damage anyone else get it? I am sure they have learned an expensive lesson, pay for the car, pay the traffic ticket as required by law and move on, no prosecution required in this case you should really go to traffic court any day and listen to hundreds of adults fighting to have their tickets dismissed, ya might actually learn something about traffic laws penaltys
    and prosecutions. Truck drivers really get the $ axe for miner mistakes and because most of them are out of state drivers they pay up because they cannot afford to come back to fight so plead “no’ contest like the rest of us suckers.

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