ROSEVILLE (CBS13) — Nine Target stores were hit during a two-month span from Roseville to El Dorado Hills, down to Folsom and over to Sacramento and Citrus Heights.

A suspect was captured on camera from every angle, walking in, talking on his cell phone.

Late at night, just four days before Christmas, the crook grabs a shopping cart and goes to town. He’s got quite the bounty piled up after just a few minutes. Seconds later, he makes the getaway, bolting out an emergency exit in the back of the store.

A pick-up pulls up, and the thief runs over, hops in, and he and the getaway driver disappear with thousands of dollars worth of stuff, despite knowing cameras would capture their every move.

Roseville police say they finally got their guy after he couldn’t make a hair-raising, jaw-dropping getaway. Store security spotted Killian Flynn at another Target on Monday.

“There’s obviously an increase in the desperation of criminals,” Roseville Police Sgt. Darin DeFreece said. “He was shopping, but he had abandoned other property before being placed under arrest.”

Flynn is accused of nine burglaries and $6,000 worth of stuff stolen. Investigators say he’s not the only one out there with the same M.O. at the big box stores.

“Yeah, it is a trend regionally,” DeFreece said.

One suspect is now in custody but there is plenty of other cases just like it to crack.

“They think we’re too busy for it, and we’re not,” DeFreece said.

Comments (4)
  1. URFULOFIT says:

    Picking on the same store over and over….you’d think it had a bullseye on its back or something.

  2. Ray Kevin says:

    He may have just been a decoy while you were really getting hammered!
    That is also a new technique, sacrifice one and if he gets away fine but others hit you big while focusing on primary suspect! Inventory will tell the tale!

    1. yeah, right says:

      Ray, you watch to much TV…………

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