Today, on the first Don Geronimo Show of the new year, Don begins with his Christmas vacation, which started with a trip to San Francisco, and the Monday Night 49er game against the Steelers, in which the power went out at the stadium. We then hear about the Charlie Brown Christmas tree he got from the local CVS. Don and Janet also got Dave’s boy Mason a drum set, and Don plays the video Dave sent him of Mason whacking away on the skins!

Don then tells us about going to the Kings’ opener against the Lakers, and seeing Dave and G.M. Steve. Apparently hack writer Tom Couzens was at the game too, and kept his distance, even though Dave wanted to knock his lights out. Don then tells us about his trip to Vegas with Janet and his boy Bart, who brought his girlfriend. We hear about the power going out in the Bellagio, and the annual New Years Eve fight Don had with Janet on the Strip. Don calls Janet to have her help elaborate the story.

After hearing Don’s beef with old people who fake illnesses and injuries to get on airplanes first, we hear about Tom Couzens’ bashing of Carmichael Dave in the Sacramento Bee, and the creepy email he sent Dave. We then get a visit from’s Sam Amick. Sam talks with the guys about the DeMarcus Cousins issue, and what the Kings will have to do to move forward.

The guys then hear Dick Clark’s 2012 countdown, and a clip of Kathy Griffin stripping down to her underwear during CNN coverage of the Times Square celebration. Don also tells us that since Regis left Live! the ratings have been down 35%. It’s then time for the “Phantom News Hour.” Among the stories today, Cee Lo Green changing the lyrics to John Lennon’s “Imagine,” the Iowa Caucuses tonight, Katy Perry and Russell Brand divorcing, and the top grossing movies of 2011. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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