RENO (CBS13/AP) – The Reno Air Races are expected to continue despite the deadly crash that killed 11 people last fall.

More than 70 people were also hurt in September, when one of the racing planes crashed near spectators.

The Reno Air Races Association president said today a panel of experts will help with safety efforts for next year’s event.

Officials also have to get a number of permits in order to hold the event again.

The unexplained crash came midway through a race at the popular aviation competition when a 74-year-old stunt pilot landed in a crowd of spectators.

Pieces of the plane flew through the crowd, cutting off limbs and slicing through skulls.

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Comments (3)
  1. Whitey says:

    Sure… friggin’ idiots… keep having airshows that injure, maim or kill innocent people. I suppose the airshow needs to make as much money as possible to pay the stream of lawsuits that’s surely on its way.

    1. Jon says:

      Your the type of person, that doesn’t want anyone to have fun, simply because you don’t go to the event. These shows and races are extremely safe. This was just a freak accident.

      Why don’t you go to a show before you comment on them idiot.

      1. rmcsticks says:

        your right the shows are very safe and this was a sad accident, look at all the accidents at auto races….

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