Today, Don begins the show with talking about how badly the Kings sucked last night. He then tells us that our fall ratings jumped to a 7.0, which put us at #4 in the Sacramento market. After talking about his sinus infection, which explains his abnormally raspy voice, Don reads an email from a listener who’s a trucker, and wants to bring his truck to the station one morning. Don says he would be happy to do the show on a CB radio from a truck one day. Don then calls in little Joe to hear what he sounds like on the Big Al mic, and oddly enough, he sounds like Dave.

We then get a visit from former NFL QB and CBS commentator Phil Simms. Phil talks about the upcoming playoffs, and much he would love to play QB in these modern day offenses. He also discusses the recent firings of the G.M’s in Indy and Chicago. After Don plays an ESPN ad that shows sports fans making silly bets with each other, Don and Dave make a bet on who will win the Denver/Pittsburgh game. If Pittsburgh wins, Dave has to shave his head, and if Denver wins, Don has to finally watch Grandma’s Boy.

After playing a clip of Mike Ditka calling Colts QB Dan Orlovsky a “pollock,” and a news anchor saying “I love lamp,” It’s time for the first edition of “Peanut Butter Karaoke” of the new year! We then hear about Dave’s dream about Good Day Sacramento’s Christina Anderson, then Don’s Peyton Manning dream, and Don tells us about a guy he met in Vegas who asked “have you ever had blood in your semen?” This gets the guys into a discussion about the topic.

Don then reads the latest column by USA Today’s Craig Wilson, and plays “Isn’t That Something?” with the guys. Today, Don calls places in Iowa, since they had their caucus last night. It’s then time for the “Phantom News Hour.” Today, Phantom talks about Mitt Romney winning the Iowa caucus by 8 votes, the new car seat law in California, the cast for this season’s Celebrity Apprentice, and Nick Cannon going to the hospital for minor kidney failure. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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