Grant, live from Memphis, TN, where the Kings will take on the Grizzlies tonight. He let us know that DeMarcus Cousins was the 1st guy on the plane yesterday and the 1st guy on the court today. He says anyone who thinks that Coach Westphal is lying about DeMarcus’s trade demands is wrong. He talked about how the Raiders fell apart, at the end of the season and in order for the trade to make sense, Palmer needs to take them to the playoffs twice. He also talked about how well the 49ers are playing and if they face New Orleans next week, he thinks they have a chance of winning.

Fans swarmed the phone lines, with concerns about DeMarcus Cousins and his maturity.

Grant was joined by Raiders head coach, Hue Jackson, to discuss the last game of the season and how disappointed he was that the team missed the playoffs. He said not only was he disappointed in the defense but the entire team. He says the offense improved, over last year and that they need to continue to improve, especially in the red zone. He believes the team improved in some areas and didn’t, in some area. Hue talks about McFadden’s health and how that will impact their decision, going forward. He says they want him on the team. Sebastian was voted as The 1140 The Fan player of the year. He was voted to his 1st Pro Bowl, this year. Coach said he learned a lot this year. That the team can’t worry about who isn’t around. It has to be next man up, mentality. He wishes that they could start practice, for next year, next week.

Jason Ross took over for the last half hour of the show, as Grant got ready for the Kings game. Jason discussed the bowl games from last night. Jason discusses Andrew Luck’s future and if the Colts should draft him.

Summary by Jodi Bacon


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