A Fairfield homeowner says Sears replaced his broken microwave with one that doesn’t fit. After more than a year without getting results, it was time to call Kurtis.

This is all over one of those expensive built-in microwaves that cost a couple thousand dollars. He paid for a warranty in case it broke, and when it did he thought Sears should replace it with one of the same size.

“There’s a huge gap,” says Arnold St. Paul, pointing to the gap between his microwave and surrounding cabinetry.

The gap, several inches wide, is from the smaller replacement microwave Sears gave Arnold after four attempts to fix his broken high end microwave in 2010.

Arnold recalls looking for a replacement in a Sears store. “He said, ‘That’s the size, that microwave will fit.’ I said, ‘You sure?’

His old microwave was covered under a Sears Master Protection agreement, which cost him $180 a year. Under it, Sears said it would give him a comparable microwave up to $2,100 and he says they promised one that would fit. But after more than a year, they haven’t found one.

“They’re not paying any attention,” says Arnold, “They’re just … ‘Wouldn’t bother with him, he’ll get over it.'”

When the protection agreement says “comparable,” what exactly does that mean? Does it cover the size?

A couple pages into the lengthy Sears agreement it reads, “Product comparability for a replacement product will be determined by us at our sole discretion.”

We sent consumer advocate Angie Hicks from Angie’s List the sears agreement.

“There is an option in this particular contract to actually refund the contract if they can’t fulfill the warranty,” says Hicks.

But that is just $180. After we called Sears they searched for a white microwave that fits. The company is looking for a white one. But Arnold might have to settle on stainless steel. He is only happy with that, if they can provide a stainless steel front for his oven, which sits directly below the microwave.

After all this, he isn’t so sure about Sears Master Protection agreements.

“I will think twice and maybe search for another company,” says Arnold.

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  1. gary says:

    and Sears wonders why it”s on the ropes. I will NEVER buy from them again, too many bad experiences

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