SUNNYSIDE-TAHOE CITY, Calif. (AP) — Environmentalists have filed a lawsuit to block a Lake Tahoe resort’s redevelopment plan, saying it was inadequately studied and would harm the environment.

The Sierra Club and Friends of the West Shore sued the Tahoe Regional Planning Agency and Placer County on Thursday over their approval of Homewood Mountain Resort’s $250 million makeover.

The resort wants to bulldoze the current facilities and turn the 1,250-acre property into a destination resort with a four-story hotel, ski-in condominiums, two lodges and retail space.

Homewood has described it as the most environmentally friendly project ever at Lake Tahoe.

But the lawsuit — filed in U.S. District Court in Sacramento — says it would worsen air pollution and spew runoff into the lake.

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Comments (5)
  1. California Wasteland says:

    Do not attempt to build in California, it takes forever to get permits and the costs are unreal. The environmental activists need to take a look at the inner cities and what is going on there. There is nothing short of an environmental disaster occurring with so many low income people being forced into overcrowded conditions. The real problem is the environmentalists have a rectal cranium inversion which limits their ability to think rationally. All they really do is kill jobs and allow urban decay to spread.

    1. eaw says:

      All the environmentalists want to do to all of CA. is turn it into a great big wilderness area where no one lives and turn all people into VEGANS.
      The big main problem is that the voters of the great state of CA. put these persons into office.
      i like your term about their thinking powers

    2. Joseph says:

      What environuts want to do is stick their overly large proboscises into everybody else’s business and control them!!! They need to have these things thrown out of court!!!!!!!

  2. Beatrizzz says:

    GET RID OF THESE ENVIRONMENTALISTS! All they want is $ in their pockets! That’s why they want study after study to milk the corporations for years on out and in the end they really don’t give a rat’s arse about the environment! IT IS ALL ABOUT THE $$$$!!!

  3. Laura says:

    I live in Tahoma, the west shore needs this project it will provide over 2000 jobs, funny all those big homes on the lake sure haven’t made an impact of the lake. There is no way that one can build in the basin without TRPA etc, breathing down your neck for more monies, more limitations and telling us what to do. I am sick of environmentalist choosing which battle to fight. How about supporting the Delta and protecting the waters and the water ways of Northern CA., no they were bought off….I am all for this project going through…..I know they have had to go a long way in providing environmentalist reports….Why doesn’t Chapman counter sue…..I will back him up!

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