SONORA (CBS13) — A Sonora man was arrested on child endangerment and drug charges after officers found drugs and alcohol within reach of his children in a residence littered with trash and with areas of pooled raw sewage, police said.

Officers from the Sonora Police Department and a worker from the Tuolumne County Department of Child Welfare Services went to the residence on the 300 block of Hospital Road on Thursday at 1:54 p.m.

Officers quickly found a mirror that had a large amount of white crystal substance on it that tested positive for methamphetamine, police said. Packaged meth and open containers of alcohol were also located within reach of the children, police said.

Police say the children’s father, Juan Velazquez Herrera, 29, admitted the meth was his. He was arrested for felony child endangerment and possession of a controlled substance. The mother’s involvement in the home is still under investigation.

Two pit bulls barked aggressively at the front fence when CBS13 went to the house on Friday, but nobody inside would comment other than to yell to leave the property.

As investigators continued to search the residence, they noted the backyard and basement contained a large amount of trash and areas of raw sewage. There were also bags of rotting trash under the house, in the kitchen, in the laundry room. Spoiled food was left out on the kitchen table and counters and the floors were dirty and littered with dirty clothing, police said.

Child Welfare Services took custody of the two children, an 8-year-old girl and a 4-month-old girl. Herrera was into the Tuolumne County Jail.

“It’s horrible,” neighbor Karen Leiberman said. “I would have called CPS myself if I knew what was going on in there.”

Another neighbor said her house has been infested with rats and now wonders if Herrera’s home is to blame.

“I would have never thought in my mind that something like that would be going on down there,” neighbor David Gomez said.

Comments (30)
  1. mothergoose1947 says:

    lol, I know this low life dante, he was dumped by a Mexican chick. He never got over the ordeal. dante you need a hug. 🙂

  2. Pity the kids says:

    @I hate dumb people: Who’s Dante? Herrera is Hispanic, not Italian.

    Where’s the Mother?

    Isn’t this what they call ‘Hoarding’? This guy should have his own Reality show.

    (Wow. I didn’t have to logon to ‘Fartbook’ to comment like KCRA wants you to.

  3. aaaaaa says:

    @ Pity the kids- Dante was the first to comment on this and he now deleted his comment, lol. He was an ignorant racist….

  4. laurie209 says:

    Drugs are much more important than children as far as he is concerned. One look at his face and you knew this story was about drugs. What a shame.

    1. nothingchanges says:


    2. Dawn says:

      Picture taken six years ago! He doesn’t look bad now! doesn’t look like this picture much.

  5. Lorraine Pittman says:

    ill take thoe babes and love them and care for them the parents know nbetter they need to pay the consewuences big time / cps suck worse and so does foster care what are these two adults thinking .

    1. Shawn Curnutte says:

      Take that keyboard back that you got for xmas, it’s broken

  6. Debra says:

    The sad part is there is also a little boy but who knows where he is. =( these people are absolutely disgusting and filthy and i hope they get the mother soon as well.

    1. JusticeWarrior says:

      If she was involved – Dad could have been living there alone with the kids.

    2. Dawn says:

      you may be in big trouble girl! False statements are crimminal!

    3. Brenda says:

      what little boy are you referring to?
      baby or toddler?

  7. Dawn says:

    they were set up! Owner should be responsible for plumbing! Dogs are American Bulldogs, not pitbulls!!!! The house actually looks better than it has in years.

  8. amendez says:

    Ummm. Are there really people this dumb?? My husband is Mexican and him, or anyone in his family are not drinkers. They will have a drink once in a while but they definitely don’t have a drinking problem. You claim not to be racist? Lol

    1. two tacos says:

      typical messsican

  9. dawn needs spellcheck says:

    You’re kidding with telling her it is criminal right? Or does crimminal mean something else? You’re dumb.

    1. Dawn says:

      Why spellcheck when we have you!

    1. rmcsticks says:

      Dawn you can defend this guy all you want but the fact is he is a pig and a POS, I dont care if his girl friend left him or not , if she is the mother of these kids she is a POS just like him. I for one am glad they took his kids because people like him dont deserve kids….

  10. dawn needs spellcheck says:

    Um maybe because you look like an idiot? Not only do u not know how to spell, you think a comment that someone made can get them in trouble. Yep, the police are monitoring these comments to see who they can arrest, lmao. Go back to school dumb ass

    1. Dawn says:

      That is ‘D’ for proper spelling of name. You are ignorant!

  11. Dawn says:

    Can wait until truth comes out! It’s better than TV!

  12. Dawn says:

    Some of the people making comments as neighbor’s are not! Lol
    They have only one neighbor…

  13. truth says:

    if we didnt have those lations you wouldnt be able to afford to buy food you dont see many white people working them selves to death with the amount of money they earn working the farms and fields of california

  14. truth says:

    i cant wait for all of to eat your words when u find you know nothing that the news has lied to make a better story i wonder how much the person was paid to make up all this BS the children in this are well taken care of and you all no nothing

    1. hmmmmm says:

      If they were well taken care of they wouldn’t have been taken away. It takes a really bad situation for children to be removed from the home.

  15. dawn needs spellcheck says:

    Ya u make a lot of sense. Go clean your filthy house, go back to school, get off the drugs. Do something! Damn.

    1. Dawn says:

      You have real trash mouth! I don’t smoke, drink or do drugs! I am a college graduate!

  16. dawn needs spellcheck says:

    A college graduate???? LMAO! That’s a good one! I hope for your sake u are lying.

  17. Kim says:

    Seriously, how could anyone defend this piece of sh*t? Even if the house was as sterile as an operating room, he’s a filthy tweaker, and exposing his kids to that disgusting lifestyle. They did those kids a favor getting them out of there before more damage was done. Just wish I had more faith in the foster care system.

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