MODESTO (CBS13) – A Modesto man is under arrest accused driving drunk with his daughter and crashing his car into a pole.

Police say Shawn Haga from Modesto is accused of taking his 9-year-old daughter for a dangerous drive in the middle of the night.

It all started around 3 a.m. A passerby called for help after spotting Haga’s white car smashed up against a pole.

“There was nobody on scene when we got there,” said Ofc. Scott Nelson of the Modesto Police Dept.

A few minutes later, police noticed Haga and his little girl walking down the pitch black street. At first, police suspected the duo may have been witnesses, but once officers took a look at Haga’s hip, they knew something wasn’t right.

“The officers noticed the butt of a gun in his waistband,” said Ofc. Nelson.

It was a loaded gun in a holster. But police say that wasn’t all.

“When the officers searched him they also found he was wearing a bullet proof vest, which is something we don’t really see very often in Modesto,” said Ofc. Nelson.

Responders rushed the girl to the hospital to get checked out and officers hauled Haga to jail. Police believe he was driving drunk with his daughter in the car. They are investigating why he was heavily armed.

No one answered the door when we went to Haga’s home. Parents we spoke with say they can’t believe a father would be accused of putting his child in danger this way.

“The kid could have got a hold of the weapon. You never know what can happen,” said Tami Tubbs, a mother.

“I would never have my kid out that late first off all 3 am especially having the weapons with you while with the kids,” said George Murilo, a concerned father.

Haga’s daughter was released from the hospital and placed with relatives. Haga faces hit-and-run, DUI and child endangerment charges.

Comments (2)
  1. sidney says:

    Thats about as dumb as they come

  2. Amy says:

    what happened at del paso about two hours ago?

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