SACRAMENTO (CBS13) — A Roman Catholic priest who served parishioners in Woodland and Redding was released from jail Monday night after posting bond.

Uriel Ojeda, 32, was cheered by a group of supporters outside the downtown Sacramento County Main Jail when he was released just before 10 p.m.

soto Priest Accused Of Molest Greeted By Cheering Supporters Outside Jail

Uriel Ojeda

Last week, Ojeda’s bail was reduced from $5 million to $700,000. At that time, a spokeswoman with the Sacramento County District Attorney’s office said that Ojeda admitted to an investigator for the Sacramento Catholic Diocese that he repeatedly molested a teenage parishioner. Ojeda’s attorney, Jesse Ortiz, reportedly disputed that an admission was made.

Deputy District Attorney Allison Dunham presented that in Sacramento County Superior Court on Thursday in arguing that bail should remain high for Ojeda. Bail was reduced from $5 million to $700,000.

Ojeda turned himself in to the Sacramento Police Department on Nov. 30.

Comments (9)
  1. pocketpool says:

    home-study: Chapter-1 How to become a pervert or priest

  2. Fred says:

    I don’t understand all of these people rallying behind this guy. He reportedly confessed. Catholicism is a cult, these folks are delusional.

    1. oh please! says:

      Catholicism is not a cult. In EVERY religion you have stupid/delusional people. Take a look at society.
      doesn’t mean any one religion is the cause.
      I can prove it isn’t. Can you prove it is?

      1. Fred says:

        Yeah, you’re right – no different that Islam or Hassidic Jews – they all have their irrational beliefs.

        Oh yeah, how about those Jesuits during the inquisition? Quite a group, but no cult.

      2. Anjalibe says:

        Nowhere in the lnkied Cultnews article is any reference to Janeane Garofalo.As to Rush’s behavior, my guess would be he was probably strung out when he agreed to appear.

  3. Cheryl Garcia says:

    Wow amazing the way this is going. I say he should stay in jail and pay the price for what he has done. Not unless it is proven in court that he is innocent.

    1. Fred says:

      News Flash Cheryl: The way it works in this country is innocent until proven guilty, not the other way around. Of course if the Catholics were running the show they would burn him at the stake to see if he was guilty. If he burned he was innocent, if not he was guilty nad had his head chopped off. Oh, for the good old days of the inquisition!

      1. hey says:

        Yes, dwell on Catholics! Catholics are the core of every thing bad! Not! Good grief Fred. Could you get anymore bitter?
        Your post simply reflects your low close minded intelligence level.
        Hey-channel 13— are you going to allow more Catholic and Black bashing? It is pathetic.

      2. Fred says:

        I not singular in my criticism. I put them in the same category as radical muslims. They’re both cults for those that choose not to think. Talk about idolatry. Ever been to the Vatican? It is repugnant. Sort of like Castle Pedophile.

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