SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A controversial bill that would have allowed boys and girls to play on the same school team is being pulled.

The bill was aimed at the transgender teen who identifies him or herself as the opposite sex by allowing them to compete on the field or court with that sex.

San Francisco Assemblyman Tom Ammiano introduced the bill last week. But opponents quickly came out against it.

“This is comical. It comes from an assemblyman who is a comedian in a past life,” said Kevin Snider of the Pacific Justice Institute.

“As a parent of a girl, I would feel uncomfortable if there was a guy playing with girls,” parent said Paul Havey.

There is also concern about boys and girls sharing the same facilities meaning boys could be using the girls locker room.

“This is a teenage boy’s dream come true,” said Snider.

But, now, Assemblyman Ammiano is pulling the bill.

He and transgender civil rights groups say they’ll spend time educating school districts on transgender issues.

A similar bill could be re-introduced in the future.

Comments (7)
  1. Regina Kleinzeller says:

    Dear CBS Affiliate:

    Whatever your thoughts were on the bill, this was a pathetic piece of bigoted small minded journalism and a classic example of ignorance parading as “news.” Did the reporter bother asking anyone involved with the bill about how it would be implemented or even about the population it’s specifically targeting? Did your reporter bother asking any families which have transgender children or advocacy groups for these children? Instead, you did a cheap hit piece with a smirking reporter who very likely knows zero about the issues transgender children face. Shame on you, shame on the producer and shame on your station. I can only wish your children and their needs get the same kind of treatment.

    1. derF says:

      Well Regina, given your impassioned response I doubt I have to wonder which chromosome combination you are sporting…

  2. oldfart says:

    The state is bankrupt why don’t they work on the economy and worry about this other stuff later?

    1. Fred says:

      Because they don’t know how to do the job they’re elected to do.

  3. Tlor says:

    The Legistlature has nothing else to do? there isn’t a bankrupt state to focus on they have to do these trivial things? We need to put more focused people up there these guys live on zoo-krypton and Moonbeam is just the type to sign it because he has nothing else to do now that he run out a few more business’s out of our state

  4. Rachel says:

    Ignorant reporting. Plain and simple. CBS should know better to at least get the terminology correct. Gender identity and biological sex are two different biological and physiological occurrences. Most of the time they occur in the same way, a person who identifies as a boy has the biological sex of a boy; but occasionally they don’t, a person who identifies as a boy has the biological sex of a female. It’s not that big of a deal unless you happen to the person suffering from this medical condition and find you are discriminated against. Medical, legal and psychological experts worldwide agree that the treatment for this condition is to allow the person to live as the gender with which they identify. Shame on you, CBS, for allowing this abysmal reporting to make its way to the internet.

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