CERES (CBS13) – Ceres police cuffed a Central Valley High School student accused of stabbing a younger classmate during a heated argument on campus early Tuesday afternoon.

Police say the 17-year-old stabbed the 15-year-old in the stomach with a knife.

“Having a student severely injured to this magnitude it’s very seldom,” said Ceres Police Department Sgt. Jose Berber.

Even though the school wasn’t placed on lockdown, students were ordered to stay inside while administrators called for help.

“We didn’t know what was going on. It was scary,” said freshman Rolando.

While the victim was rushed to the hospital, the suspected attacker was kept in the office until police arrived. Administrators notified parents and some rushed to pull their children out of class.

“There could be any type of retaliation. Who knows what’s going to happen once this bell rings?” said Melinda Cloud, a mother. “I want my child home.”

Officers arrested a second teen, but he was later released to his parents.

Police don’t know what sparked the attack, but say the suspect has gang ties. The victim is not a known gang member. Investigators spent much of the afternoon interviewing students who watched the attack unfold.

“Right now we don’t have a motive,” said Sgt. Berber.

School district officials say today’s violence is an isolated incident. They’re investigating how the student was able to get the knife on campus.

Comments (21)
  1. Two Tacos Wife says:

    Hope he recovers soon and gets back to school. We need educated people here not the status quo.

    1. Tim says:

      Typical Brown Roach behavior.

  2. Brianna Marie says:

    wow racist much.! that was my school by the wayy! so yeah

  3. None of your business says:

    And it is my school too. Not all the kids are like that, just the ones who make bad decisions. So you need to calm down cause some will be bigger than you are

    1. MAC49 says:

      Someone will be bigger than you? Calm Down? Your a real Piece of work. BIG BOY! Just remember the bigger they are the harder they fall. And someone just might make it their business, BIG BOY!

      1. None of your business says:

        By that I meant they will be going places. Have a better future than you do. Better job and everything. Bet you didn’t go to college, as most adults I know didnt, while the kids who take advantage of the teaching are actually learning and care

  4. thisarticle says:

    I go to the school where this happened. First off, there is an On Campus police officer on the campus all the time, where was he when this happened? Secondly, the article says “Even though the school wasn’t placed on lockdown, students were ordered to stay inside while administrators called for help.” This is not true as the stabbing occurred at lunch, and none of the administrators told us to go inside. The administration did not even tell the student body directly what had happened, and when 5th period ended(Class after lunch) they let us go to the next period. And the isolated incident remark, there have been gang fights at our school, notably on the friday before Halloween, when over 10 “gang members” were suspended for fighting. Lastly, the comment concerning how the knife was snuck on campus and how they are investigating it is ridiculous. It is so easy to sneak anything on campus, no metal detectors or anything. Just hide it in your backpack or your pocket and your fine. So yeah.
    -Central Valley Student

  5. the snowman says:

    Why are they going to close the division of juvenile justice? We need to build more youth prisons.

    1. lolpublicsaftey says:

      If the people teaching these kids at home and at school were on a similar structured schooling program there wouldn’t be these problems no funds means poor results. -_-@ourfailedeconomy. Ripple effect of a struggling state.

  6. CV STUDENT says:

    look i feel this acticle is BS, i attend CV and i was walking with two friends to go off campus to eat when we turn around and see a kid holding a knife and actually stab the student. we ran the the campus security and said someone was just stabbed and she didnt even belive us. we told her 3times before she called to get someone over there. even if you get past that part, she STILL LET US OFF CAMPUS!!! didnt ask for names, didnt ask how it happened, didnt ask us to stay, nothing. we were never questioned even after lunch had ended. and “investigating how the knife was brought on campus” anyone can bring ANYTHING!!!! they have no control on what is brought on school grounds. but despite all this two kids made a bad choice,that shouldnt affect the look of our whole student body

    1. Ex-CV student says:

      Honestly i don’t understand why you even said “Latinos” when gangster there are from two kinds or races, Americans and Latinos. All you guys try to do is make the Latinos look bad when it wasn’t just them. Even if you tried to take latinos out so there wouldn’t be any cops think about the administrators on campus fights break down from white kids to any race you can think of. quit your latino hate, open your eyes, and look at reality.

  7. lolpublicsaftey says:

    What’s that? Typical? Lol you stereotype much?

    1. nothingchanges says:

      It is not stereotyping, It is fact……See passed your brainwashed political correctness.

      1. None of your business says:

        It’s not a fact, there are more Latinos there that aren’t affiliated with gangs than the Latinos that are. So you’re pretty stereotypical

  8. CV Student says:

    How did they bring in a knife easy just put it in your pocket or backpack and fyi they never put us on lock down this all happened at the begging of lunch their are officers on the campus and the supervisors are watching but where were they?? This school has fights every 2 weeks the office should have know this was bound to happen soooooo yup not a surprise that this happened honestly

  9. Ginger Reese says:

    At 17 he should be tried as an adult. If he does an adult crime treat him as one. Any one who is in a GANG needs prison.

  10. . says:

    Hey..It’s beginning to look a lot like Mexico…You have the Crime, The Roaches etc

  11. dont trip homie says:

    the suspect is 14 not 17 so the suspect was actually younger

  12. ~NorteNa cali marie~ says:

    All ikNow i$ dat they were both gaNg member$ aN obviu$ly dat guy got $tabbed for a rea$on….aN y u guy$ tlkiN bout latiNo$….? Chill…

    1. MAC49 says:

      I sure hope you are mocking ignorance, by your writing, if not, your are some mothers embarasment and highth of disgust.

  13. Modesto High Student says:

    Thats how every school in Modesto, And Ceres is! Weak Security and the little busters, and Surenos running around striking fear into the Students! And yet nobody bothers to step up security.

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