Don begins the day with something Little Joe told him that occurred right before the show. Apparently Dave is so hooked on cigarettes that he almost lit one up while still holding a full one in his hand. The guys then talk about how badly the BCS Championship Game sucked, before Don tells us about his neighbor Larry putting out all the neighborhood garbage cans last night, forgetting that garbage day isn’t until Thursday! Don also wants security to patrol the parking lot in the early mornings, because there has been a rash of car break-ins lately, including Dave’s car, which had his golf clubs taken from it. Aaron the Engineer emailed the staff a photo of the perpetrator, and Don reads us the email Aaron sent.

After a quick game of “Because I’m Curious,” in which Don asks the guys about their religion and political affiliation, Don calls in Julie Ryan from KNCI, who was given a bottle of moonshine from a listener. Don brings in Craig to drink it, and Craig literally barfs on the microphone! Dave even takes 2 videos of it and posts it on Facebook.

We then get a visit from former VP of officiating Mike Pereira, who is now a rules expert for FOX. Mike talks about the new Overtime playoff rules, the missed calls in the New Orleans/Detroit game, and the Denver/Pittsburgh game, and how officials deal with angry coaches.The guys then go through their own Twitter pages to see which people they follow have verified accounts. After playing the stuttering basketball clip again, as well as the butchering of the National Anthem last night by Anthony Laciura, Don plays some new Elvis tapes, in honor of Elvis’ birthday on Sunday.

Comedian Lewis Black then stops by. Lewis, who will be performing at the Sacramento Community Center Theater on Sat, the 14th, talks about spending 15 years on The Daily Show, how much he hates college bowl games, how George Carlin was the nicest comedian he met on his way up, and who is the nuttiest Republican candidate. Dave then tells us about last night’s premiere of the documentary “Small Market, Big Heart” about the grass roots movement to keep the Sacramento Kings, and the numerous references to Dave smoking during the film. We also see Good Morning America’s Sam Champion draw a penis on his telestrator, and hear about a bungee jumper who’s cord snapped, causing her to fall into an alligator pit.

It’s then time for the “Phantom News Hour.” Today, Phantom talks about the Republican primary in New Hampshire, the 6th floor lockdown of the neonatal unit in the hospital that Beyonce and Jay-Z had their baby in, the new Disney Jr. channel launching on March 23, and how the nicotine gum and patch may not work as advertised. And of course, Don wraps everything up with a caller 100!


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