FOLSOM (CBS13) – Two people killed by an alleged drunk driver over the weekend in Folsom have been identified.

The Sacramento County Coroner has identified the victims as 37-year-old Christopher Martell and 32-year-old Todd Ohlander, both of Citrus Heights.

A Folsom man was arrested Sunday for causing an accident that killed the men on Saturday night.

At 6:46 p.m. Michael Sharp, 21, was driving his SUV on southbound Folsom Boulevard when he crossed over the double yellow line and hit an oncoming sedan, according to Folsom Police.

michael sharp1 Victims In Fatal Weekend Folsom Crash Identified

Michael Sharp (credit: Folsom P.D.)

Michael Sharp (credit: Folsom P.D.)

Investigators say Sharp was driving while intoxicated. He was arrested on two charges of vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated and drug impaired driving causing serious injury or death.

Toxicology tests will be conducted to reveal what intoxicant was in Sharp’s bloodstream.

Sharp is being held in the Sacramento County Main Jail on two felony counts of gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated and one felony of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs with injury. His bail is set at $2,000,000. He is set to make his first court appearance this afternoon.

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  1. JMHO55 says:

    My condolences go out to the families and friends of both of these victims and I hope the survivor in their car will fully recover. This was a preventable tragedy. I hope, but will not hold my breath, that would-be DUI drivers will take heart and learn a lesson from this. Everyone thinks they’re in control and that something like this can’t happen to them. If you’re driving under the influence you’re driving with impaired thinking and impaired reaction time. Don’t do it!

  2. mochabean says:

    My condolences to both families. Poeple wise up presciption medications are just as dangerous as a d.u.i. So are non legal drugs. Think before you drive! Someday it maybe your own friend or family member you kill. But then again you probably wont care its the high you care about for the moment.HOW SAD.

  3. Mary says:

    Still can’t believe that this is real. Love both of you guys. It’s always the good that die young.

  4. Cherish says:

    Chris was my friend. They were brothers and so close. I still can’t believe they are gone. 😦

  5. Richard Wentz says:

    I don’t live in California anymore, but if I did I would probably look into a ballot initiative mandating life in prison for a DUI/DWI fatality. Martell-Ohlander Mandatory Sentencing Act would sound good, but I think the Sharp Sentencing Act would be a better name for getting the point across. Come on, Californians – Get tough with it. Most states don’t allow the citizenry to put potential laws on the ballot, you can. Get those Prop 8 idiots to work on something truly useful and that will more positively impact the quality of life and safety for EVERYONE in the State.

  6. Karen Sumpter says:

    I think if you kill or injure someone while driving drunk, you should be charged the same as if you shot them with a gun. The same goes for people who are driving while talking or texting on their cell phones. Vehicular manslaughter is not enough because obviously people are not taking this seriously.

  7. KF says:

    If they’d been in Chris’s big Bronco I think the outcome would’ve been different…RIP Chris…condolences to the sad to lose both your sons at the same time…

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