Woman Fakes Breast Cancer, Blames Mental Disorder

WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A local woman claimed she had breast cancer. Her family and friends were devastated, but it turns out she made the whole thing up.

When you first hear a mother faking cancer to get attention it sounds like a terrible crime, but then imagine being her husband. She didn’t just fool her friends and neighbors, but close relatives. When CBS13 dug a little deeper, it turns out this woman may not have cancer but her husband says she has a different kind of illness all together.

A facebook event page shows friends and family sharing love and prayers asking how to donate to a woman now who seems to have fooled them all.

“You want to trust people especially when it comes to giving,” said one person.

The VFW hall in West Saramento tells us in December they offered their facility to help Jaymie Litza. The commander says their hearts went out to her and had no reason to think she was lying. A couple hundred people packed the house and donated cash to what certainly looked like a sick mother of three.

“Thats wrong. That’s really wrong. That’s taking advantage of people that really care,” said another person.

Her husband tells CBS13 off-camera a trip to the ER Saturday revealed that she didn’t have caner at all. For 6 months Jaymie showed all the signs, he says. He was then told she has a different kind of illness called Münchausen syndrome.

“They purposefully act as if they have signs and symptoms of a disease and they purposefully do this for attention,” said neurosurgeon Dr. Tushar Goradia.

It was all for attention that turned into cash for Jaymie. Dr. Goradia says people with this disorder often are very convincing.

“They learn about the signs and symptoms, they know how to behave and how the symptoms progress,” said Dr. Goradia.

Jaymie’s husband and her parents issued this statement:

“Jaymie does not, nor did she ever have cancer. She is however quite ill and is now receiving the proper treatment. We realize your selfless gift was given under the false impression that it was to help our family with the hardship that cancer caused. This is why we will make every step to return each and every donation.”

Her husband says Jaymie is being treated for her disorder. They were already going through so much and now they’re enduring an entirely different kind of pain tonight.


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  1. WSac says:

    This is the same person that said she was diagnosed with Lupus too. She tried that with Jeff and then with Chris. Didn’t know there was a cure for it…

  2. Sharon says:

    I was married to Jaymie’s husband, and they both got involved with each other while we were still married. I do not, nor did I ever completely respect her, but over the years, we were able to be civil with each other. Even friendly. She spoke with me numerous times over the phone about her cancer. I lost my mother to breast cancer. She convinced my daughter she was going to die of the same disease my daughter lost her grandmother to. She asked my daughter repeatedly if she would miss Jaymie when Jaymie was dead. Now, my daughter is so upset and confused, she can’t sleep at night. The wounds have healed from a long ago infidelity, but what she has done to her children and my little girl are unforgiveable! My number one priority is my daughter, I don’t give a damn what Jaymie’s problem is; I only know she will NEVER come near my child again!

    1. SoSad says:

      Sharon, my heart goes out to you and your family. The first time I met Jaymie a few years back, I did not get a good feeling. As you said, I too never had respect for her. I too know people that have known her since childhood and she is simply not a good person. I know that in time, you and your family will find your way through this. My mother too had breast cancer and I can’t fathom someone faking cancer like this. It is unforgiveable.

  3. Carol says:

    I believe this woman is a mental case, liar, fraud and alcoholic. I spent a little time with her. Don’t know her very well, but its amazing to see her fool so many people.
    Sad! Everyone is intitled to there own opinion. I think she needs to be behind bars!
    She should not be raising her kids. I also Don’t think people should be patting her on the back and telling her its going to be ok! But if thats what you are you doing, good for you! But don’t judge the people that have an issue with Jaymie’s lies and hurtful actions to so many.
    For those of you who know her and are defending her, would you feel the same way for someone else in her position? Probably not!

  4. WSac says:

    So what I heard a long time ago is true, she had an affair. It’s funny how everything comes together and the puzzle connects and makes sense now. At first i was sad and felt bad about this. Now, it is obvious that this IS her and who she is. I have heard too much and had confirmation on too many things, I don’t believe its a disease. Regardless, she needs help!

  5. SoSad says:

    It’s gone national:

    They are running it tonight at 11 PM.

    1. RcT says:

      It’s about time. This needs some more press and the DA needs victims so he can investigate.

  6. Martha Ford says:

    As a cancer survivor 2x I am appalled she did this. I only met her twice but got sucked into the deceit. I hope she spends many years in jail for this fraud. She methodically thought out this fraud and continued to play on people. She is not sick, she is a bold faced LIAR !!

  7. Martha F says:

    she is a Con artist and liar !! Are you a cancer survivor?? Come talk to me and I will explain why some people are so flipping mad !!!!

  8. Sacstones says:

    It’s amazing to me how her current husband and ex husband did not have a clue she was faking past illnesses (lupus, cancer 2x etc) for many many years. Apparently these two men were so disconnected from her and the children that they failed to see the obvious, or had clues that something was wrong but did not have the courage to address this issues. They too are part of the problem for not putting the children first and protecting them from lies and manipulations which will affect them for the rest of their lives…..

    1. WestSacComm says:

      Wow, that’s all I can really say for that comment! Who is talking about not putting the children first? No one, talk about something you know.

      So it’s the 2 husbands fault that she lied to her family, friends, a community and worst of all, her own children? It’s their fault that she took thousands of dollars? It’s their fault that she is a narcissist?You sound like her, can’t own up to what she has done and have to pass the buck….good job!

  9. Curious says:

    I’ve heard that she was released from the hospital and sent home. Does this mean she will serve no legal consequences?

  10. Big Girl says:

    Munchausen Disease? Should be “manhole” disease because Jaimie has been crawling out of the scheming self-serving sewer of deceit for decades ever since I have known her!

  11. Steve says:

    Her Facebook page is back on. Wow, she is pretty bold!

  12. This is SAD says:

    Did you know that the Davis Police Department donated $5,000 dollars towards the fundraiser! Five thousand dollars! And not to mention all the rest of the money she got from the from friends and family! What other crime could you commit and steal almost $20k and not be held legally responsible? Very sad

    1. Total Shock says:

      Is anyone filing charges against her??? Is there an investigation???

      1. Jac says:

        The reporter from the ABC news said they could be starting one with the DA. I don’t think anyone has filed yet with the West Sacramento PD, SOMEONE SHOULD, ITS AN OUTRAGE!

  13. WestSacMom says:

    I think what they are saying with all the comments that is seems like all her long time friends new that she is lying and how could her current husband and ex-husband not suspect something. If they even thought she might be lying, did they ever go to the doctor with her to make sure this was for real to protect the kids. Basically, if they thought she might be lying to put the kids best interest at heart someone should of stepped up and went to the doctors with her. Checked her medical records, etc. Seems like enabling behavior and this could of been stopped a long time if they did their research. Guilty by association when you stand by something and let it continue when you thought it might be a lie.

    1. Jac says:

      How can you find out information when medical records are protected and only visible by her? I know that they both asked to go and I know that her Mom did go with her to appointments. Again, don’t assume something you don’t know. Don’t get me wrong, she is very smart, she got away with this for a long time and obviously did her research. I am sure that everyone assumed that no one would lie about something like this and was just trying to be there for her. Regardless if the husband or ex found out, it still would have been the same outcome that is going on right now!

      But I DO NOT agree that it is anyone’s fault but hers, she is the one that did this to her family , friends and worst of all, her kids.

      1. WestSacMom says:

        If you stand by and allow things to happen when you suspect that she is lying, then you are guilty by association. The bigger picture here is that it seems like others could of stopped this before it went this far. People need to stop being afraid and to stick up for the other people, which are the kids. People are too afraid to “rock” the boat. If her husband or ex-husband thought by any chance that she was lying, I believe they have some responsibility in finding out the truth for the CHILDREN. SHE HAS LIED ABOUT IT BEFORE according the the other post. They could of “pushed” her and told her “Jamie, so sorry you are going through this. However, you have lied about having cancer/lupus before and therefor for the kids sake I would like to go to the doctors with you and talk to the doctor to be sure you have cancer. If she said “NO” don’t you think she would of stopped this lie? I was not there and I don’t know any of the parties involved, just by reading the post I don’t understand how people who have known her forever new she was lying, but in the news article it said the husband had no idea. This went on for a long time. Since you do have knowledge did the husband or ex-husband ever think she was lying about it?

  14. LB says:

    I don’t understand it. This is a really amazing family oriented community. So many people came together to help raise money to help a family put to rest a dying mother of three young children. People were coming from all over the place offering food, donations, outings, sympathy and prayer. Our community was duped and it saddens me to no end that someone would take advantage of so many wonderful people who were trying to be supportive. I spent many days looking into my children’s faces and thanking God that I am still here for them. I do not understand how any mother could put her children through this kind of pain and torture. I do not care how sick you claim to be. To me, the money is minor compared to what a horrific ordeal Jaymie has put her children through. The real crime here is the abuse that her children have had to endure at the hands of their own mother. They are all great kids and I pray that with the help of their father and other loved ones, they all come through this okay.

    1. Shocked says:

      I know and have talked to the father and he has taken over in an amazing way. Kids are in therapy, he now has sole legal custody of the kids. And I do have to agree, they are great kids, especially his oldest, he has my heart! As I do agree with you on the worst is the part that she did to the kids, (and how could she really say that she loves the kids if you can look at them and lie to ALL 3 of their faces, shave your head, eyebrows, wheelchair, oxygen, throw up, pretend to fall? ) a huge part is the money and what she did. If she gets away with this, then she will continue to do what it sounds like she has always done for basically her whole life! This is not right, she needs to pay to society for what she has done. All of the other women that have done this in the US have done jail time, why should this be any different???

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