Woman Fakes Breast Cancer, Blames Mental Disorder

WEST SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A local woman claimed she had breast cancer. Her family and friends were devastated, but it turns out she made the whole thing up.

When you first hear a mother faking cancer to get attention it sounds like a terrible crime, but then imagine being her husband. She didn’t just fool her friends and neighbors, but close relatives. When CBS13 dug a little deeper, it turns out this woman may not have cancer but her husband says she has a different kind of illness all together.

A facebook event page shows friends and family sharing love and prayers asking how to donate to a woman now who seems to have fooled them all.

“You want to trust people especially when it comes to giving,” said one person.

The VFW hall in West Saramento tells us in December they offered their facility to help Jaymie Litza. The commander says their hearts went out to her and had no reason to think she was lying. A couple hundred people packed the house and donated cash to what certainly looked like a sick mother of three.

“Thats wrong. That’s really wrong. That’s taking advantage of people that really care,” said another person.

Her husband tells CBS13 off-camera a trip to the ER Saturday revealed that she didn’t have caner at all. For 6 months Jaymie showed all the signs, he says. He was then told she has a different kind of illness called Münchausen syndrome.

“They purposefully act as if they have signs and symptoms of a disease and they purposefully do this for attention,” said neurosurgeon Dr. Tushar Goradia.

It was all for attention that turned into cash for Jaymie. Dr. Goradia says people with this disorder often are very convincing.

“They learn about the signs and symptoms, they know how to behave and how the symptoms progress,” said Dr. Goradia.

Jaymie’s husband and her parents issued this statement:

“Jaymie does not, nor did she ever have cancer. She is however quite ill and is now receiving the proper treatment. We realize your selfless gift was given under the false impression that it was to help our family with the hardship that cancer caused. This is why we will make every step to return each and every donation.”

Her husband says Jaymie is being treated for her disorder. They were already going through so much and now they’re enduring an entirely different kind of pain tonight.


One Comment

  1. Pam says:

    Wow! I don’t care what disorder she had, this is wrong in every way you can look at it! She had 7 months to think about it as well. AND did I hear she is a mother of 3??? Those poor kids, my heart goes out to them and the family. I can only imagine the help they will need.

  2. Wayne says:

    My heart goes out to the children aswell. How do we know whes not faking the disorder? All this was premeditated. She needs to get treatment behind bars. Her 1 little girl said she never wants to see or talk to her mom again. I dont blame the little girl at all. Also, wheren did all the donations go? Im not convienced that her husband wasn’t in on this.

    1. Jeff Hall says:

      I am the father of the kids and I just want to clear that up, my daughter has never said that. She might have said it to someone else out of anger and is hurt and sad but she loves her Mother obviously. Yes, my heart breaks for them everyday I wake up and see them. It is all surreal!

      1. Jennifer Loustalot says:

        Good evening Jeff and Brandon, Haylee and Hayden..This is Jenn and Kelcie and TJ from Nevada…We still love you so much and so want the best help for your mommy. She is and always be my family and no matter what we help when down. this does not mean I agree with what she did it means that far to many people including my self have nothing better to do with their lives than just shoot out bad things about a women who once was very loved and admired. not sure how this will come out just bee crying all day…Just remember we super love you and are here for you when you all a ready!!!!…..

  3. SadSackSally says:

    Sadly this is a mental disorder – something that she may not have any conscience control over. Much like schizoid or chronic depression what is needed is medical to help alleviate the symptoms so they she can identify what she was wrong and so that she can control the impulse that is feeding this disorder. Mind you what she did is wrong – but there’s some question on whether this was motivated by greed or by a mental disorder.

    1. RGB says:

      I’ve known her since she was a kid, sadly I feel it is greed. She got busted, that’s why she’s “claiming” it’s a disease.

  4. Anonymous says:

    If you don’t know the family, don’t judge. Nobody was “in” on this except Jaymie. It’s unfortunate, and nobody knows why, but at least she is getting some help. Don’t go aroynd accusing – it’s not nice. Writing nasty things will not help those poor children. Act like adults

  5. Jac says:

    I too truly know Jaymie and I only speak the truth in that I know she is a very selfish person and this has been for years. I personally don’t believe that she has this disease. I am think that something is definitely wrong but I think she had full knowledge of what she was doing. You said to only speak of her if she truly knew her, I do, I have since we were both little. Sorry, but it is time that this came out and the truth be told.

    1. Unknown says:

      I totally agree Jac – I knew her very well also. Been a lot of years of selfish, mean behavior. My heart goes out to the children.

  6. Meems says:

    As a breast cancer survivor I’m very disgusted by this woman’s behavior. Funny how the “disorder” was discovered after she was caught lying about the so called cancer. Hair falls out from chemo if you are having it and so she obviously had to shave it to get that chemo patient look. And how did her husband not know? Most, not all, but most breast cancer patients have to have some type of surgery to remove the tumor (I did twice) and then radiation and chemo makes you so exhausted and sick that most times you need help getting to and from the treatments. So if she was doing this all alone the whole thing is suspicious from the get go. These kind of people make it hard for those who really need the help to get it and it’s disgusting!

    1. Martha Ford says:

      Amen sister !!! I am a survivor as well

  7. Meems says:

    If I bought the mental illness thing I’d be the first to line up to support here. BUT I don’t buy it. I think she (they) got caught and have to do whatever they can to try and avoid prosecution, which I think needs to be done. This was a scam and it’s pathetic.

  8. Meems says:

    “They were already going through so much and now they’re enduring an entirely different kind of pain tonight.”

    What did she go through? She NEVER had cancer!

  9. Rayma says:

    I was shocked to see this on the news this morning. My friends and I met her and her husband up in Amador County at one of the wineries in October. Being a Breast Cancer Survivor myself, I had to distance myself from her because I didn’t want her to see how upset her story was making me. Come to find out, that’s exactly what she wanted to see?
    Shocked and dismayed, but I do definitely agree that the family needs prayers.

  10. baseball 10 says:

    At what point does someone tell her that what she did was wrong? Isn’t accountability and realizing that there are consequences for you actions part of any recovery? Are we not feeding her “disease” by giving her the same attention that we gave her when she supposedly had cancer. I am not trying to be mean but you can’t blame people for being angry. How dare anybody question the love and commpassion of this community just becuase they take a different stance on this sad and tragic event.

  11. J says:

    The real victims here are her three sweet children. They will have a long road ahead. They will be conflicted between loving their mother, and hating her choices and how it affected their lives. Mentally ill or not her choices have natural consequences she has impacted her family, friends and our community. We are entitled to feel the way we do..shocked, angry, sad. I’m glad she isn’t “terminal” as she claimed. Cancer has claimed the lives of countless people who would have loved to have a healthy body! Now hopefully she will use her time to help better herself and her broken relationships.

  12. So Sad says:

    Very well said, thank you!

  13. Hmm? says:

    Isn’t this fraud? I’m sorry her family is suffering but who caused that? If this goes unpunished what message does it send?

    1. Total Shock says:

      I agree. Fraud.

      1. Fraud says:


  14. jhayes says:

    i think that people should be really considering that jaymies children are old enough to be reading and feeling the effect of any ill or negative comments put into this forum..yes, it is a horrible thing that has happened, and people are going to feel betrayed, upset and angered by all of this. but we have to remember that there are children and family involved in all of this chaos right now, that are going through more than we will ever be able to understand..and those are the people that i am concerned about. hopefully jaymie will get the help that she needs and her children and family members will be able to get through this with strength and support from those they can trust and depend on.

  15. Well put "not helpful" says:

    Too bad people here care more about “protecting the children” than she did!

  16. FoodforThought says:

    Well, apparently the message and the spirit in which it was given has gone right over your head. I had hoped for better. Re-read and think about what I wrote. Have a good evening.

  17. inthecommunity says:

    You seem to really feel strong that what she did is ok….wow!

  18. inthecommunity says:

    so you are indicating that the behavior is ok….people who murder also use mental illness as an excuse…..needliess to say this woman is sick, the extremes that she went to our unexcusable!

  19. Jac says:

    Very well said. That’s what we are doing, the people that truly know her, we are trying to get the truth out. Yes, she has a sickness but what about all the damage that has been done years ago before she was married to Chris or Jeff, AND while she was married. There are some pretty big factors here: #1 – The kids. #2 – The money. #3 – All the family and friends. What some people don’t understand is that this is HUGE! This is something that is talked about on Oprah or Dr. Phil. Something has to be done about this…

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