SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – Sacramento-based Raley’s Family of Fine Foods is closing two stores in the region.

The Bel Air on Elk Grove Boulevard in Elk Grove and the Raley’s on Orangeburg Avenue in Modesto will close in March.

The company says the stores were deemed “under-performing.”

Raley’s called the decision to close the stores difficult and says the closures will likely result in employee layoffs.

Comments (5)
  1. Karen says:

    I love shopping at the store on Orangeberg I can ‘t believe you would close it. The service is some of the best around and it feels like a neighborhood store.

  2. Spike Murdock says:

    I’m using the store on Elk Grove-Florin at Calvine. Bad produce (really bad!!), fewer choices in brands, lower meat quality with higher prices, rude or uncaring employees and no response from management to complaints. They need a bunch of “secret shoppers” to get their act together. As a result of these issues, it does not surprise me that they are closing stores.

    Maybe they’ll start listening to their customers!?

  3. Customer says:

    Watch out Elk Grove there is going to be alot of lost old people.


    Raley’s and Bel Air are way over-priced. They need to cut their prices storewide. I use to shop there, then I started to shop at WalMart and Target for my groceries and my bill was nearly cut in half. So why bother shopping at Raley’s? Too support their greedy union and pay for their health benefits? LOL forget it….

    1. Marty says:

      So you don’t think people should have health benefits? Many people will die without them. Do you want that?

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