SACRAMENTO (CBS13) – A local woman was scammed after buying tickets to Cirque Du Soleil’s “Michael Jackson the Immortal” at Power Balance Pavilion.

And after what happened to her, she came to Power Balance Pavilion to look for other victims.

Loree bought the eight tickets on for $400. Still angry over the situation, she decided to search for anyone else who might have ended up purchasing a phony ticket.

“I’m just not ready to give up. I feel that there’s other innocent people out there and I just want to help them out and let them know there are so resources for them,” said Loree.

Loree, along with our CBS13 crew, looked for other victims. They didn’t find any; and of course, that’s good news.

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  1. Robert says:

    Amazing how media can change the aspect of things. Loree was NOT alone and there have been other victims. It’s a real shame that law enforcement leaves situations like this up to the innocent victims. Counterfeiting is a crime in itself and those caught should be prosecuted.

    1. swim says:

      You can thank businesses like Ticketmaster for pushing bans on “unauthorized” resale. People can no longer take their tickets someplace to be verified as real, making this crime massively more difficult to combat. Instead people want to waste our rapidly dwindling police force on something that corporate greed has created an opportunity for. Personally I would much rather see the detective who is stuck dealing with this busy catching the punks busy shooting up my neighborhood.

  2. Snarf says:

    I don’t know what is more amazing about this story.
    1 – The fact that some mommy felt the need to buy eight Cirque De Soleil tickets on Craigslist.
    2 – People actually FAKE Cirque De Soleil tickets.

    Is Cirque De Soleil that hot of a ticket, or is it just the Michael Jackson thing?

    Either way, caveat emptor if you decide to do commerce on Craigslist. Unlike an eBay where there is actual registration or membership, credit cards, etc…Craigslist is truly the Wild Wild West of the Internet.

    Sex crimes, murders, robberies, kiddie prostitution, etc…has ALL been facilitated thru Craigslist listings.

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