PATTERSON (CBS13) – There’s a mysterious plan being undertaken in the Central Valley only known as “Project X”.

And while it’s shrouded in secrecy, it could mean 15-hundred new jobs if it gets off the ground.

There’s a 120 acres of dirt in Patterson where the million-square-foot warehouse is being planned.

The Modesto Bee is reporting an unnamed source saying the project has an element of internet retail.

All eyes are on Amazon. The internet giant struck a deal last year with Governor Jerry Brown to create 10,000 jobs in California in exchange for a delay on imposing sales taxes for online purchases.

“I’ve heard a distribution, a call center we’re gonna wait and see what that is. If it’s Amazon, or any other company, we again welcome and look forward to building a strong relationship with them.” Said Patterson Mayor Luis Molina.

For Patterson, population 20,000 and unemployment at 20 percent, Project X could be like winning the jackpot to the job lottery.

This is a fast moving project. Backers will close escrow Friday, break ground next week, and build around the clock 24/7 in order to open September 30.

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  1. nothingchanges says:

    “Project X” = under cover ICE sting.

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